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Wisconsin Badgers nude leak: Sick trolls blame PLAYERS after nude videos spread like wildfire

The photos and videos leaked online were taken in the aftermath of the Badgers’ national championship win last December
UPDATED OCT 30, 2022
The University of Wisconsin-Madison Badgers celebrated their 2021 championship with a locker-room party (Facebook/Wisconsin Badgers)
The University of Wisconsin-Madison Badgers celebrated their 2021 championship with a locker-room party (Facebook/Wisconsin Badgers)

MADISON, WISCONSIN: The University of Wisconsin-Madison Badgers volleyball team is being blamed for leaks after their nude videos spread like wildfire. On Twitter, the volleyball players were blamed for posting the images and videos, calling it a "publicity stunt." During a championship celebration in the locker room in November 2021, they took some topless photos and videos of themselves that were supposed to be private but went viral on the Internet on October 18, 2022.

The College of Wisconsin-Madison Police Department is baffled by the nude photos and films released by the college's women's volleyball team. After a recent discovery, authorities now believe it is the work of an insider and is closer to identifying the person who posted the photos online, but the tweets said otherwise.


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Nudes of Wisconsin Badgers volleyball team leaked from player's phone, police suspect hacking

The majority of them are still sharing nude photographs and making derogatory comments about the players in their tweets, which was incredibly upsetting for many. One tweet read, "They sent them out bro, it’s a publicity stunt" In another tweet," Its their fault," someone wrote, "How do they need respect and they were taking naked pics and twerking they don’t even got respect for them self’s", on reply of the tweet another wrote, "but they will call it "being young and having fun" as if they werent adults knowing what they were doing"





Private photos and videos were shared on numerous social media sites after the team won the Big Ten championship in 2021 final, according to the Milwaukee Daily Journal. However, Reddit, Twitter, and other platforms have removed the leaked videos and photographs. The nude images of the players first started circulating around TikTok, then it also made rounds to various other social media platforms, 4Chan, Twitter, Reddit, Imgur, Discord, and Telegram, among others. In several images and videos, the team players could be seen posing with their athletic shirts, their sports bras up, or only wearing undergarments.

The police officials are believed to be in the latter stage of the investigation. They are in search of the culprit who is behind the horrible act of exposing the reputed Winscosin Volleyball players. In an official statement released by the university, they addressed the issue and supported the players by saying whoever is behind this heinous act is deemed to be punished, and finally, they quoted "Our top priority is supporting our student-athletes and we are providing them with the appropriate services and resources."