'Shark Tank: Greatest of All Time': When sharks fight, 'it's like watching prizefighters', says exec producer

'Shark Tank: Greatest of All Time': When sharks fight, 'it's like watching prizefighters', says exec producer
'Shark Tank' executive producer Clay Newbill (ABC)

It’s been 11 years and still counting for ABC's hit business reality show. And today, 'Shark Tank' airs 'Greatest of All Time'.

The hour-long special episode is a peek into the best moments on the show — from products to pitches, the best fights and arguments between the sharks, and much more.

Apart from these recaps, the exclusive episode also shows some candid moments with the show's producers and creators, who share their takes on the show, the sharks and the guests who make it interesting among others.

The special episode is not just about the sharks or the products that made it to the show over a decade. It is also about how the showrunners feel about the same and their experience working with some of the best business personalities in the country.

In the segment 'Greatest Shark Attacks', executive producer Clay Newbill shared his views and opinions on how the sharks fought with one another.

In a close-up interview, he takes the audience through some memorable moments on the show, from the interaction between the sharks to their fights, arguments and contending for the best deal.


"It's like watching two prizefighters," he says. "Someone lands a left cross, and boom! They stagger", he adds. Newbill also comments on how the producers expect and design the show to be "unpredictable". These tiffs between investors surely add to that agenda.

Like that one time when Barbara Corcoran called Daymond John "Pipedown" and he called her back "crusty old crab". While it was hilarious and made other sharks laugh out loud, it also evoked a lot of friction between John and Corcoran. Corcoran does justify in an interview why she called out to John. "Because it's true", she says.

Whether it’s Mark Cuban calling out to Mr Wonderful, Kevin O'Leary or Lori Greiner calling her colleagues "rude", the sharks have fought tooth and nail over the years to close a deal with their favorite pitches. And they continue to do so.


The show's stage manager, Eric Rhoden, thinks that despite all this, the sharks are "wonderful, warm, kind, caring" when they are needed to be. You can join the conversation on Twitter at #SharkTankGOAT.

Watch all the new episodes of 'Shark Tank' as the show comes back with a new time, every Friday night at 8 pm/7c on ABC.

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