Is Shannon the new favorite islander? 'Love Island' fans say she 'keeps it real'

'Shannon used to get on my nerves but she's slowly became my favorite girl in the villa i love her #LoveIslandUSA,' declared a fan

                            Is Shannon the new favorite islander? 'Love Island' fans say she 'keeps it real'
'Love Island' star Shannon St Clair (CBS)

When Shannon St Clair first stepped into 'Love Island', fans were put off by her attitude. The 24-year-old came on the show looking for love but ended up causing quite some drama on 'Love Island'. 

Shannon's trust issues with her partner Josh Goldstein and her tendency to stir the pot by constantly indulging in gossip, rubbed fans the wrong way. But it looks like the blonde-haired beauty has slowly begun to grow on fans, as many of them took to Twitter to shower her with praises after watching her put Will Moncada on blast for getting tempted during Casa Amor, and calling out Genevieve Shawcross for bringing up her relationship with Josh in front of everybody.


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'Love Island' star Genevieve Shawcross was called out by Shannon St, Clair (CBS)

The recently aired episode featured Shannon smashing a pie on Will's face for hurting Kyra Lizama by sleeping with other girls during Casa Amor. Although Kyra seems to have forgiven Will, Shannon isn't ready to let him off the hook so easily. She felt that Will should be a lot more remorseful for his behavior, so she smashed a pie on his face. Later that evening, Genevieve confronted the OG islanders for questioning Leslie Golden and her intentions of coming to the island just for social media clout. She even brought up how the OG islanders were discussing about her clothing choices being very raunchy. Genny felt that it was unfair of the OG islanders to pass such snap judgments when they barely knew each other.

To drive home her point she gave the example of how everybody was okay with Shannon and Josh having sex regularly, but her clothing choice somehow was upsetting the islanders. This irked Shannon so much that she went off on Genny. In an earlier episode, Genny revealed that Shannon and she had a fallout prior to coming on the show, but the two reconciled on 'Love Island'. But the reconciliation didn't last too long as Shannon brought up their previous history and demanded Genny to keep her personal life out of her mouth and to never talk about her boyfriend like she always does. Genny stormed off crying after hearing Shannon scream at her. 

Fans thoroughly enjoyed watching Shannon stand up for herself and 'keeping it real'. A fan tweeted, "My love for Shannon grows more each episode sis called out Cinco, Will, Leslie, AND Gen #LoveIslandUSA." Another fan wrote, "THE WAY SHANNON JUST ATE GENNY UP I LOVE SHANNON #LoveIslandusa." "I’m not going to lie. I freaking LOVE SHANNON now. She is the only who keeps it real on this show and she stood up for herself. I RESPECT THAT #LoveIslandUSA," commented a fan.




'Love Island' star Shannon St. Clair is quickly becoming fan-favorite islander (CBS)

Another fan shared, "I surprised myself w this one. But Shannon’s been earning mad brownie points for saying it like it is w/ will to kyra and Charlie deserves better. I still love my girl cash but she’s been movin shady. #LoveIslandUSA." "Shannon used to get on my nerves but she's slowly became my favorite girl in the villa i love her #LoveIslandUSA," declared a fan. Another fan seconded, "My fav girl is shannon now. she takes no bs and checks everyone, idc i love her now #LoveIslandUSA."




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