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Why did Shannon call Jeremy 'poor boy' for picking Genevieve? 'Love Island' fans curious

'Shannon baby let us know why we dont like genevieve.. we peeped the looks and the 'poor boy',' wrote a fan
UPDATED JUL 29, 2021
'Love Island' stars Shannon St Clair and Genevieve Shawcross (CBS)
'Love Island' stars Shannon St Clair and Genevieve Shawcross (CBS)

The much-awaited Casa Amor recoupling is finally here! After spending a week with the Casa Amor hotties, the OG islanders had to make a big decision of whether they want to remain coupled up with their old partner or want to recouple with someone new they met during Casa Amor.  Jeremy Hershberg became single just before Casa Amor, after his partner Florita Diaz was eliminated from the show. Although Jeremy was initially upset about Florita's departure, the five hot Casa Amor ladies managed to soother his broken heart.

Amongst the five hotties- Genevieve Shawcross caught Jeremy's eye. The couple spent a lot of time together trying to get to know each other. So, when it was finally time for Jeremy to make his big decision during the Casa Amor recoupling, the personal trainer from New York didn't think twice before revealing his decision to couple up with Genny. While all the islanders were beyond ecstatic for Jeremy, Shannon St Clair however didn't share the same feeling. In fact, when Jeremy announced that he wanted to couple up with Genevieve, Shannon shook her head unhappily, and exclaimed 'poor boy'. 


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'Love Island' star Jeremy Hershberg decided to couple up with Genevieve Shawcross during Casa Amor recoupling (CBS)

When fans heard Shannon say 'poor boy' alongside throwing dirty looks at Genny, they began wondering about what was going on between the two ladies. As reported earlier Genny and Shannon have known each other prior to the show. In an earlier episode, Genny even revealed that she was friends with Shannon's little sister, which immediately made Shannon's partner Josh Goldstein stay away from her.

Fans were initially expecting some drama between Genny and Shannon on account of Josh since Genny entered the villa with her eyes on him. But unfortunately, Josh began avoiding her on account of her friendship with Shannon, which led to Genny exploring her connections with the other men in the villa. According to reports Shannon and Genny have a history of sorts together. Genny was a "source of controversy in Shannon's life recently." "Earlier in 2021, Shannon dated millionaire and Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy. However, the two stopped dating after an incident where one of Shannon’s friends posted videos and pics of Dave with Shannon and two other girls on a three-day weekend in Miami. Dave went on his podcast and blasted the girls for sharing the photos and videos online, and Shannon responded by blasting Dave in a since-deleted Instagram video rant. While Shannon deleted the post before heading to Love Island USA, Genevieve didn’t," reported Monsters and Critics

Shannon St. Clair called Jeremy Hershberg 'poor boy' for picking Genevieve Shawcross on 'Love Island' (CBS)

Fans are now super curiously waiting for Shannon to spill the tea on Genny. A fan tweeted, "I wanna know the tea on Genevieve, Shannon needs to fill me in #LoveIslandUSA." "Shannon baby let us know why we dont like genevieve.. we peeped the looks and the "poor boy" #LoveIslandUSA," wrote a fan. Another fan added, "I wonder what tea Shannon got on Genevieve it must be EXTRA HOT. #loveislandusa."




"They better show whatever Shannon has to say about Genevieve in tomorrow’s episode. the tea needs to be spilled #LoveIslandUSA," commented a fan. "Shannon getting ready to ruin Genevieve’s reputation in the villa when she finds out she kissed Josh #LoveIslandUSA," pointed a fan. "I just know there bought to be drama between Genevieve and Shannon. Thank you love island!! #loveislandusa," expressed a fan. 




'Love Island' Season 3 airs on Tuesday through Friday at 9 pm ET/PT on CBS. In addition, 'Love Island' will air on Sunday nights from 9 to 11 pm ET/PT for the remainder of the season. You can also stream the episodes on Paramount+.