'Shameless' season 9: What's in store for Fiona and Jimmy before Emmy Rossum finally quits?

Ian Gallagher got his happy ending with the love of his life - could that mean Fiona will be reunited with Jimmy/Steve too as a sub plot to end the character's story on the show?

                            'Shameless' season 9: What's in store for Fiona and Jimmy before Emmy Rossum finally quits?

'Shameless' might be done with its midseason finale, but it ensured there was plenty of closure when it came to the ever so erratic, yet precious Ian Gallagher, for whom this was the last season, post-Cameron Monaghan announcing his exit from the show. While Ian got his happy ending, with the love of his life - Mickey Milkovich (Noel Fischer) finally reuniting with him as his cellmate in prison, it does leave a fair few questions about yet another character finally receiving closure with regards to unfinished love stories. The character in question here, as expected, is, of course, Fiona Gallagher, who in some way will depart the show post its ongoing season 9, as actress Emmy Rossum - who has played the role so impeccably well for almost a decade - announced her exit too ahead of the season's premiere. And that only leaves us with the most important question of all: Will Fiona and Jimmy/Steve be reunited ahead of Emmy's exit?

Played by Justin Chatwin, Jimmy hasn't really appeared as such in the more recent seasons of the hit Showtime dramedy - precisely since season 5 - and considering the past the character shared with Fiona, it always seemed sort of left unfinished. From the very tumultuous aspect of their relationship to the two of them never really falling out of 'feelings' for each other, everything between them has been messy, abrupt, but somehow left in the middle. There was no closure offered to the plot - something that most fans have always felt deprived of.



But recently, speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, show creator John Wells offered some insight as to what can be expected in terms of the two in the recent future. “I can say absolutely nothing about it although you don’t want to perform the same magic trick twice in one season [laughing],” he shared with the outlet. Clearly, that's not a definite yes, as he spoke about the 'magic' already been showcased in the form of Ian and Mickey reuniting, but it's also not a sure shot no, so fans can stay hopeful!

The last time Jimmy was on the show, much like a couple of previous times, he asked Fiona to run away with him to Dubai. That way, his storyline has been pretty sorted. Appear out of the blue, and ask Fiona to run away with him, and every single time Fiona says no. Which also leads one to a potential storyline for Fiona's exit from the show - maybe she will finally give in to Jimmy and run away with him? Who knows, there's been no word on that other than Wells assuring that they are 'definitely not going to throw her in front of a bus!'


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Elaborating on what fans can expect in terms of Emmy's last episode on the show - or as we sadly like to call them, Fiona's final moments on the show - Wells also added: "Since I wrote and then directed her last one, they're brilliant! The character is moving away from us. It was sad. But I hope for the audience that it will be as rewarding and appealing as what happened with the end of Ian's story in episode six. That's what we're striving for: a show that's entertaining and emotional."

Earlier, ahead of the season's premiere, right after Emmy had announced she quit, we had also drawn an estimated list of possibilities that the show could introduce as ways to showcase Fiona's exit. And now, Wells has finally shared his insights on what could make the extremely strong, messy, yet tough character finally leave her wild, wild bunch behind for a 'greater perhaps.'



"It's a little surprising and yet makes perfect sense," Wells shared with the outlet. "People leave, particularly someone like Fiona who has cared for and basically raised her siblings and been their primary parent for so long. There's a moment where you realize that they don't need you in a way that they did before and if you continue to try and make them need you, you’re actually impeding their ability to become adults."

He continued: "You have to decide, "Who do I want to be when my identity isn't primarily formed by the responsibilities I have for raising my own brothers and sisters?" That's the direction that we're headed in as Fiona realizes that she needs to make a decision for herself about what she wants. I'm being vague because I don't want to lose the fun of what she actually chooses to do or how that comes to be. I hope that people who have invested as many years in watching the show and caring about these characters as we have that it feels satisfying and enjoyable."

Shameless season 9 will return in January 2019 with the second half of its episodes.