'Shameless' season 9 trailer reveals more than one shocking role-reversal and the Gallaghers in all their messy glory

Debbie is turning into Fiona, Fiona has turned into Frank, and Frank is possibly turning into a father once again. There truly is too much going on with the Gallaghers!

                            'Shameless' season 9 trailer reveals more than one shocking role-reversal and the Gallaghers in all their messy glory

Showtime has finally gifted fans of its hit dramedy, 'Shameless', an official trailer for the upcoming second half of season nine, and honestly speaking, there's just way too much going on with the Gallaghers. Agreed, that's nothing new, considering the Gallaghers are always up to a lot of debauchery and seriously messed up activities in every season, but what sets apart the latter bit of season nine is the intense role-reversal going on.

With Emmy Rossum quitting the show after her ninth and final season, there's been a lot of speculation on how the showrunners would potentially put a wrap on her character, Fiona Gallagher. But in all of our dreams and imaginations, we never thought Fiona would come full circle by pulling a legit Frank Gallagher (William H. Macy), her father.

And when we say pulling a Frank Gallagher, we mean binge drink to the point of passing out on the curb. In the trailer, we see her brother Lip Gallagher's (Jeremy Allen White) new girlfriend ask, “She do this a lot?” And, of course, in his own minimalistic cool boy manner, Lip answers "Yeah, lately.”

Speaking of which, Fiona's behavior is justified. Somewhat. The woman found out her Irish hunk of a boyfriend is actually married, lost all her life's savings in a bad business deal, and ended up injuring herself and totaling her car all in a couple of days. All of this, after she singlehandedly raised her five siblings on her own, from the age of six. Fiona doesn't deserve the sinkhole she's being shoved into and if this binge drinking spree is her way of giving a middle finger to the universe, we are here for it!

But if you think this is the only role-reversal of the season, get this: Fiona's baby sister Debbie Gallagher - all of 18, and a mother, who has recently been confused about her sexuality - is taking up the role of the Gallagher matriarch.

That's right, the ever so self-centered Debbie, who has always been selfish with her motives, and recently her baby's, is beginning to care for the rest of her siblings after Fiona goes on her not-so-pleasurable drunken spree.

As shocking as the two extreme developments in the characters' individual arcs might be, their deadbeat father, Frank, still manages to take the cake, when it comes to just how low the Gallaghers can sink. This is the same man who dived straight into a port-a-potty in season 8's finale, trying to flee from the police for stealing.

Fiona's downward spiral doesn't even come close to Frank's as we see him participating in a 'Hobo Loco' contest - where homeless people compete against each other at odd-jobs for a large sum of money - pretending to be a homeless person, just for the prize money. Not that surprising, considering the first part of season nine mostly showed him campaigning for a pedophile sex offender to get elected into Congress, just for the campaign money.

Frank has also been engaging in yet another erratic, raunchy relationship with yet another bipolar woman, Ingrid (Katey Segal). Of course, there's a lot of excitement in their budding relationship, and alongside that thrill are Ingrid's wishes for Frank to "fertilize her eggs." So far, what we can gather from the trailer is that Frank doesn't deter from the opportunity and that is enough to make fans scream in agony about how disastrous all of this is going to be.

Shameless (Source: Showtime)
Shameless (Source: Showtime)

Almost as if summing up fans' sentiments, the trailer had a hilarious scene where Frank reveals his paternal plans to his children, asking them: “You’re saying I can’t support kids? Then how did you turn out so well?” This is where Fiona offers the answer of the season, pointing out how each of his children is swimming in the deepest of sh*t, with “bankruptcy”, “anger issues”, “sexually confused”, “teen mom,” etc.

Trust Frank to have an answer prepared for that too. Highlighting the brilliant way his not-so-wonderful mind works, Frank remarks: “You’re alive! Do you know how many parents murder their children?” Speaking of parents and children, however, Kev (Steve Howey) and V (Shanolla Hampton) have finally adopted a new son! The boy is a preteen and seems like an impeccable fit for the family, but don't get your hope up too high because 'Shameless' has a habit of shocking fans in the most shattering of ways, so there's that.

'Shameless' returns Sunday, January 20, at 9 p.m. on Showtime, so brace yourselves and keep the popcorn handy because it's going to be a bumpy ride for both Fiona and the fans.

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