'Shameless' season 9: Things just keep getting worse for Fiona Gallagher ahead of Emmy Rossum finally quitting the show

For Fiona, things just keep getting murkier as the season progresses, and just because this is Emmy's last season on the show, doesn't mean the writers are going to go easy on her

                            'Shameless' season 9: Things just keep getting worse for Fiona Gallagher ahead of Emmy Rossum finally quitting the show

We are halfway through season 9 of Showtime's hit dramedy 'Shameless', and the fandom has already seen a lot. After two back to back announcements of major characters quitting the show - first Emmy Rossum and then Cameron Gallagher - you'd think fans would be conditioned to the sh*tstorm that the writers throw our way, but no. Clearly, Emmy quitting the show isn't going to be a walk through the park for her character, Fiona Gallagher, unlike the easy breezy fate that Cameron's character, Ian, was gifted. For Fiona, things just keep getting murkier and grittier as the season progresses, and just because this is Emmy's last season on the show, doesn't mean the writers are going to go easy on her with her luck on the romance front.

For those clueless, as the Gallaghers would like to remind viewers ahead of every episode in the recap section, "what were you even doing? Go watch the last episode now." But we are more generous than them, so here's what happened. Episode 6, aka "Face it, You're Gorgeous" showed Fiona Gallagher go through one of the worst days of her life, and to sum it up - she's so far beyond rock bottom that it's not even funny anymore. She's broke, she's injured, and she's heartbroken - the holy trinity of crisis situations.


For starters, Ford is not as much of a "good boy" boyfriend as the episodes leading up to this big revelation made him out to be. Simply put, he's a dirtbag and everything our beloved Fiona - with all that he has been through - did not deserve. Spoiler alert - one of the many that we'll be putting out throughout the span of this article - but Ford turned out to be such a massive douchebag that it made Fiona pull a disappearing act, and that's saying something because if there's one thing Fiona Gallagher does not do, it's to disappear on her family. Poor thing was left so shattered and beyond disturbed that she herself missed her baby brother Ian going to prison. That's how bad this episode was to her. All thanks to Ford and a couple of other men in her life.

The massive pile of crap Fiona is submerged under started with her losing all her money and grounding in the building complex she had invested in. By all her money we mean every last tiny bit that both her present and future relied on. She also ends up breaking an apartment lease that she had signed just hours heading up to this massive loss - eventually leading to her realizing that she'll also end up losing her home. As a coping mechanism, she does some pretty dumb things, including getting drunk with one of her employees and then indulging in some reckless drunk driving. And following that, as she learns about her 'boyfriend's reality, she also totals her own car beyond repairs.



What's worse is that this is the same character that had accidentally led to her baby brother's overdose, gone through a haunting prison strip search, learned about her fiance's heroin abuse at the altar, and the worst of all - had to scrub her own absent mother's blood from the floor after she had attempted suicide. All of this, and the writers still somehow manage to break Fiona's resilient fighter spirit with some new garbage life situation they throw her way. That, and the fact that having portrayed all of this so brilliantly, Emmy Rossum is yet to receive a single Emmy nomination. But that's a topic for another day, let's see what typically a**hole behavior her not-so-darling Ford has been up to.

The Irish hunk did try to pull a whole "I told you so" on her as she broke the news of the lease to him, but in her attempt at avoiding a mountain out of that molehill crisis, she also learns that Ford is, in fact, secretly married. Yes, the said 'Patty' that they two had had a tiff over earlier in the season - the one that Ford had claimed to be his mother and so casually prompted her to contact just so she would rest assured - is his wife. His excuse for having hidden such a vital detail from his practically live-in girlfriend is that he's in the process of divorcing. Really? That's how you treat Fiona after everything you've seen her go through?



The fact that he had been trying so hard to push Fiona to take their relationship to the next level only makes things sadder, and more infuriating at the same time. And Fiona acts out exactly how one would imagine the terribly poor communicator to act in a situation like this; she totals her car and ends up bleeding, with a cast and a black eye and every other minor car-accident injury possible. Yes, Ford does chase after her as she runs away after everything, but that attempt is so half-hearted that it makes viewers almost wish the roles had been reversed. 

But all of that aside, where things might be heading for Fiona is still a big black hole. Well, it is known that she will be met with an ultimatum considering this is Emmy Rossum's last season, but how much worse will it get before Fiona really leaves her Shameless family - both the Gallaghers and the fans? Maybe she'll just take off, never to return. OR maybe the writers will have some moiety of kindness after all and make things miraculously turn around for the one character we have still somehow not managed to end up hating after the show's nine successful runs. 

True, as her younger sister Debbie (Emma Kenney) would like to point out in the upcoming episode 7's teaser clip that Fiona has just "had a shitty couple of days". Fiona is braver, more powerful, and stronger than anything that life in the Southside - or Shameless writers could throw at her. But as of now, this is rock bottom, and hopefully, for Fiona Gallagher, there's no way to go from here, but upwards.