'Shameless' season 9: Are things finally going to look up for Fiona in upcoming second half before Emmy Rossum quits?

Fiona, played by Emmy Rossum, is financially broke, physically injured, and heartbroken beyond repair, which raises the question: Are things ever going to really be okay for her?

                            'Shameless' season 9: Are things finally going to look up for Fiona in upcoming second half before Emmy Rossum quits?

With the sudden influx of all of TV's finest shows resuming with new seasons, or the latter half of the same season, there's one show in particular, whose return its fandom is dreading just as much as they are eager to witness the cliffhangers unfold.

Titled 'Shameless', the hit Showtime dramedy left off with the first half of its ninth season back in September 2018, and now, returning back with the season's second half, it will finally reveal the lead character, Fiona Gallagher's story come to an end as the face behind the character, Emmy Rossum, announced she quit a couple of months ago.

This leaves fans with highly anticipated closure for the hot mess of a character, who has been through more than any regular character on TV has, and that's saying something. So, taking the recent developments of Fiona's storyline into account, it really does come as a valid question: Are things ever going to be really okay for Fiona Gallagher?

As of now, standing on the brink of the second half of season nine's release, Fiona is financially broke, physically injured, and extremely heartbroken - aka, the holy trinity of crisis. After losing her entire life's savings in a poorly structured commercial plan, Fiona learnt her Irish hunk of a boyfriend was actually secretly married all this while. And, as expected, that moment of truth made her act in a very old-fashioned, Gallagher manner - she ended up going on a drinking binge, totaled her car, and ended up in the emergency room. 

Granted, she saw the faintest glimmer of light and happiness as her siblings planned the perfect revenge plan for said lying, cheating boyfriend. Watching Fiona shoot the man of her dreams with a paintball gun as he hung upon a wooden, guillotined billboard of sorts with his butt bare naked was a cathartic experience, to say the least. But still, for everything the show has put the character through, it only makes sense to finally offer her some moiety of closure and peace as the character's time nears a fade to black.

In a recent promotional video, Rossum revealed Fiona's current state saying: "It's six weeks later, and Fiona's kind of healing from the car crash." But what followed next was Rossum's remark about Fiona just getting "f*cked and kind of get knocked all the way back down the ladder."

For the initial stages of the second half of season nine, expecting something bright and sunny popping up for Fiona seems like a rather far-fetched bargain to demand, especially since Rossum also noted things are so bad with her on-screen avatar, younger sibling Debbie Gallagher (Emma Kenny) "starts kind of assuming the role of matriarch and house provider that Fiona once did."

But there is also the assurance from the show's producer John Wells, remarking Fiona's story is not going to end by something as abrupt and brutal as them throwing her under the bus to kill her off. This only brings back memories of season nine's first half, where, in just the moments leading up to the mid-season finale, we see Fiona's ex-business partner, Max Whitford, offering to invest in her business prospects and paying her a chunky amount to get her back on her feet.

Through this, finally, after a long time, there was a sudden faint hope of things finally turning around for our bada** matriarch with a fighter's spirit, who has been taking care of her siblings since she was six.

Working as a catalyst in the mind of every ardent Fiona fan concerned about her fate on the show is the fact that this character has been the lone ranger who hasn't ever given up on things she believes in - be it herself, or her family members. Let's just hope she is able to climb out of the sinkhole she has landed in and finally flourish like the queen she has always deserved to be.

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