'Shameless' season 9 has its own subtle moments of showing solidarity with #MeToo movement

If Kv and V - the biggest sex freaks of the southside can tone it down for what's right - so can pretty much everybody else.

                            'Shameless' season 9 has its own subtle moments of showing solidarity with #MeToo movement

'Shameless' season 9 has given us a nice let of surprises already, but things went a bit too far with the introduction of a certain grown man called Craig, who can't keep it in his pants. Literally and figuratively. Doesn't really seem like a shocking addition, knowing an entire lot of the Gallagher and their plethora of non-criminal indiscretions. But at the same time, the context in which Craig came up was the characters, Kevin (Steve Howey) and V (Shanolla Hampton), trying to make their source of livelihood - the Alibi - every bit non-rapey.

It all started with season 9's third and most recent episode where a newspaper article lists the rapiest bars in the southside and topping the list is The Alibi - aka the bar owned by Kevin and Veronica Ball. Soon as Kevin reads the news out loud, the three grown men well beyond their middle age get defensive; and said Craig proclaims "I've never raped anybody in here." Really, Craig? Not that we had a great first impression, to begin with, but are you also implying that you could have possibly raped someone elsewhere?

And this is where the show's latest kick at patriarchal sexism and casual portrayal of promiscuity comes into the display. When Veronica finds out about the article, she questions their whole ambiance and single-handedly declares that the lady who wrote the article is going to die because of the label slapped on to her own appearance and the news story. And then Kevin takes a final look at the bar and comes across its numerous displays of overly sexualized catchphrases and unnecessarily extra representation of the female body with oozing cleavage. 

The end result? The Alibi needs to get to its non-rapiest mode as soon as possible, decided by Kevin Ball. And V is nonchalant as usual because just like this points out - "You think?" side note: Said Craig had his penis out of his pants at that very moment. While Craig does fit right in with the entire 'Shameless' lot, the whole plot of making the bar non-rapey seems like a bold move moving along the lines of the #MeToo movement. 



'Shameless' is actually acknowledging the extra miles bar-owners might go to for needless seedy advertisement to make themselves seem hip and cool - which, according to artistic expression, they have full freedom to do - but why the hardcore sexism, man? Just tone it down a notch. Or get in touch with Kev and V, they will teach you a thing or two.

But that wasn't the only source of participation the show portrayed when it comes to participating in the movement; in recent updates, the show's very own Fiona Gallagher - aka Emmy Rossum - decided to make a statement in solidarity with the Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh allegations. And as expected, the entire Gallagher family - and the rest of the crew too - joined in happily, holding a moment of silence in support of Dr. Christine Ford, the woman who accused Kavanaugh of having raped her 35 years ago.


The video posted by Emmy shows a bunch of cast members from the show holding red Solo cups and standing around a TV set in silence. It just goes on to prove that no matter how Shameless the show can get, and how tilted and twisted their moral compass might be at times - in the end, they know how to stand up for what's right.

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