'Shameless' Season 9 finale preview: Has Fiona finally 'Found' herself?

After a season full of tragedy coming Fiona's way, it looks like she has finally 'Found' something good, as the title of the episode suggests

                            'Shameless' Season 9 finale preview: Has Fiona finally 'Found' herself?

With just half a week left for what is expected to be an emotional season finale of 'Shameless' season 9, Showtime released a promo teaser for the episode which is set to show the lead matriarch - Fiona Gallagher - depart for good. The reason behind her journey coming to an end happens to be Emmy Rossum's quitting from the show, and after a season full of tragedy coming Fiona's way, it looks like she has finally 'Found' something good, as the title of the episode suggests.

Titled 'Found', the official teaser promo of the episode begins with the Gallagher siblings huddled up at the breakfast table in their southside, Chicago, house and in a blast from the past, we see them all engage in a hilarious diss of their father, Frank (William H. Macy).

A supremely drunk Frank is once again passed out in the Gallagher living room and overlooking the same, his kids take jabs at him at the breakfast table; what could be more reminiscent of the initial stages of the show! The scene also carries its own symbolic significance, as we know this is the last episode Rossum will feature in as Fiona, so, maybe it's the showrunners just taking her back to the glory days as the character fades out.

There are moments between her and her best friend next door, Veronica Ball (Shanola Hampton) and that too comes as a pleasant surprise because this season, we have barely had any Fi and V moments. The two ladies have been caught up in their own messes, and shockingly enough, V was preoccupied even when Fiona was going through the deepest pits of her drunk and unemployed downward spiral.

But all's well that ends well, and it's good to see that despite not being physically there for each other, they still share a bond that is sure to give every other friendship a tough competition. It is in the scene with V that Fiona also addresses the heavy cash flow she has received from her investment, but she does not address the inevitable, her leaving. She does say that she feels like she got a fresh start, so that definitely counts as something!

Throughout the trailer, there are moments Fiona shares with those who have shaped her into the person she is, and special mention goes to her younger brother, and former ride-or-die, Lip (Jeremy Allen White.) Sure, the two of them had endured the worst fall out in Gallagher sibling history, with Lip packing all of Fiona's things and kicking her out of the house; but then again, that was the wake up she needed to get her life back on track.

It was after countless pleas from the recovering alcoholic Lip, Fiona decided to engage in AA meetings, so this reconciliation isn't surprising either. The two of them have always been there for each other, and things aren't going to change just because she is seemingly moving away. So, at the end of the trailer, when Fiona tells Lip "Take care of him for me, will you?" - we don't know who the "he" is, because it could be either their father or their youngest sibling, Liam (Christian Isiah).

But that doesn't keep our hearts from breaking because this is finally her letting go - Fiona is finally letting go of her responsibilities and going to seek something hopefully better than whatever life has showered her with. The reason we are so sure she is moving away to start afresh is because the ending scene of the trailer, which shows Fiona standing at the train station with her luggage packed next to her.

One moment she's standing there, the next moment a train zooms past, and suddenly she isn't there anymore - exactly like the scene from season 2, where Fiona was ready to leave with her on and off soulmate Jimmy/Steve (Justin Chatwin), but didn't eventually leave. Something tells us she might be off to seek him one last time, and also that this time, history won't repeat itself.

'Shameless' season 9 returns with episode 14 Sunday, March 10, at 8/9c, only on Showtime.

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