'Shameless' season 9 episode 7 recap: Where do the Gallaghers stand and where do they go from here?

Fiona's broke, Lip and Frank have new ladies, Liam has a new summer job, and the rest are still rebelling. Here's all you need to know before Shameless returns in January 2019.

                            'Shameless' season 9 episode 7 recap: Where do the Gallaghers stand and where do they go from here?

Showtime's hit dramedy, 'Shameless', aired just a few hours ago, but if ardent fans are still trying to cope with the emotions episode 7 of season 9 bombarded them with, it's totally understandable. As relieving as it was to watch Ian Gallagher's (Cameron Monaghan) closure in the previous episode, with him reuniting with the love of his life, Mikey Milkovich (Noel Fischer), the cesspool of crisis Fiona Gallagher (Emmy Rossum) has been plummeting into definitely left more to anticipate and desire, especially considering this was the mid-season finale. Meaning, now fans will have to wait until next year, precisely January 20, to find out where everybody goes from here. And by here, we mean the very loose ends that were tied, of sorts.

As the finale's title suggested, 'Down Like The Titanic', lived up every bit to the expectations we had from our very dysfunctional Gallaghers from Southside, Chicago. It only elucidated further that no matter how much your life might have progressed from the dumps, you just have to accept dysfunctional mess as a form of life. Elaborating further on that, here's where our favorite Gallaghers and their favorite Balls stand after the wrecking ball that was the mid-season finale.



Fiona: The title of the episode is pretty much a tribute to the sinkhole she has landed herself in. From passing out next to a toilet all bloodied up to missing important family events, forget 'Going Fiona,' she is going full Frank (Willaim H. Macy), aka her deadbeat father now. Not only has she missed her brother, Ian, going off to prison, but her massive financial losses have forced her to put her treasured apartment building up for sale. Sure, douchebag Max arrives to her rescue, ready to buy the building for full the price she lost in her commercial complex investment, with interest, but that doesn't help much. Frank Gallagher's prodigal daughter has ended up an exact replica of him for the time being, full with spending money on vodka binges and throwing parties for herself in the backyard.

Frank: Speaking about said deadbeat father, the man has found a new woman, Ingrid (Katey Sagal) to go on another erratic bender again. Their romance is dabbling in its honeymoon period, yes, even around patients (not that it comes as a surprise!) but his lady love is off her meds and suffers from breakdowns. But there's progress on the cards for Frank, as he - for once - has a nice conversation with her ex-husband at a therapy session. 

Debbie: Seeing her sister in such bad shape, and through a 'shitty couple of days,' Debbie (Emma Kenney) pulls up her big girl pants and takes things in her own hands. This episode truly reflected that there's nothing more important than family, and despite their differences, Debbie asks Farhad and Alex to kidnap and humiliate Ford.



Ian: What other way to remind his beloved, hot mess of a family that he's still very much there than to leave behind an alarm that goes off at 2 AM with his picture on it. Almost as picture perfect, as his last scene on the show!

Lip: He might have lost Xan officially, with all of his paternal instincts left circling in a void now, but there was some reconciliation on his part too. Lip (Jeremy Allen White) reunited with Tammy - the drunk bridesmaid he hooked up with at Brad's wedding and the two don't waste any time in celebrating the reunion with some hot and heavy sex. Classic Lip way!

Kev and V:  Kev (Steve Howey) suggests V (Shanola Hampton) that they have another baby. A shocked V meets him midway, and the two agree on adoption this time around. 

Carl: With Kassidi finally no longer around, and a stern, determined new woman, Kelley (Jess Gabor) motivating him for West Point, Carl (Ethan Cutkosky) just has a long way to go forward. 

Liam:  He might be a nine-year-old, but Liam (Christian Isaiah) has already had sex(?) and now a dope summer job to look forward to. Talk about progress!


'Shameless' is set to return with the second half of its season 9 in January 2019 with brand new episodes, but until then, for all those craving further closure about some of the plots, show boss John Wells has some pretty concrete closures to offer. Speaking about what to expect in Fiona's arc, especially with Emmy Rossum's impending exit from the show following this season, he told Entertainment Tonight: "I don’t know, how would you feel as a 28-year-old going back to live in your family house? I think you can imagine that she’s going to have some real struggles with what’s happened to her, some anger and frustration. With of all the things that we satirize and the humor and the outrageousness, we try to show how family pulls together, because no matter how flawed we all are, family can be a huge part of what gets you through life. You can kind of anticipate that going forward."

And as for what to expect in the upcoming half of the season, here's all you need to know: "Lip is definitely trying to figure out whether he has a new relationship or not, and what happens when you’re having a relationship with someone who isn’t as damaged as all of the other people who you’ve had relationships with. Does he enjoy someone who is more of an adult? He’s growing up and trying to make decisions about what he wants from his life."

He also added: "We’re really having fun with Debbie and Carl and their impending adulthood and watching them grow up. It’s been one of the great joys of the show that we’ve cast Ethan [Cutkosky] and Emma [Kenney] as children and now they’re young adults and watching them and what they and the characters are going through. And then Frank is always going to be depended upon to make the wrong decision with anything that is presented to him."