'Shameless' season 9 episode 5 recap: Did 8-year-old Liam just have sex?

The latest episode saw the youngest Gallagher - Liam, who is all of eight or nine years of age - admitting he has had sex.

                            'Shameless' season 9 episode 5 recap: Did 8-year-old Liam just have sex?

Showtime's popular dramedy, 'Shameless' has truly taken things to a whole new level in its ongoing ninth season. There are pedophiles sitting in office, bars working their way towards being absolutely non-rapey, people with mental illnesses turning into gay Jesus and confused teens doing the utmost to rebel. But somehow, none of this made it to the top of the list of most outrageous things the show has come up with because the latest episode saw the youngest Gallagher - Liam, who is all of eight or nine years of age - admitting he has had sex.

Other things in store for fans is the first glimpse at guest star Katey Sagal, who began her recurring role on the show in the last episode, titled “Black-Haired Ginger." The title is a clear reference to Ian's new hair-dye job inspired by his impending need to go fugitive any time now. Speaking of Ian, after many, many episodes of the long-running show, we see him and his older brother Lip share a heart-to-heart, meaningful moment in the Gallagher kitchen, where the two of them just let their guards down and decide to have some much-needed bro-time over spoonfuls of ice cream that they eat straight out of the container. Pure wholesome!

But other than that, almost every other character is sticking to their usual messy routine. Well, in their own ways that is, as Carl is sticking to the consent contract Kev made him sign, while on the other hand, Fiona and her boyfriend(?) Ford are being their usual, bickering selves to each other. It's tiresome, but makes for some shocking make-up nuances, so fans of their steamy romance don't have much to complain about either.

Then there is the Gallagher patriarch being his own deadbeat, pathetic self with a busted liver and first-degree burns around his scrotal and penile regions, which makes one feel almost sorry for Kev and V considering they are Frank's only ride to the hospital in these trying times. And this is where Sagal steps in, as the hot psych-patient whose one smack at daddy-Gallagher is able to turn his erectile dysfunction woes around.



Yet amidst all of this, and our redhead Gallagher making one hell of a speech as he pleads not guilty, arrives something even bigger and more shocking than any show has ever done. That's right, we are finally getting to the whole Liam having sex thing this season. "I think I had sex with a trashy girl,” he agitatedly informs his eldest brother, Lip. And if you thought that was shocking, Lip decodes to follow it up with: “You think?” and: “How trashy?”

Hang on, right there. 'Shameless' showbosses, what is even going on?! This child is not even 10, okay - by normal upbringing, he shouldn't even be knowing about sex. But then again, he's a Gallagher that grew up in Southside Chicago. Regardless, while it's still not clear whether Liam really had sex-sex, or what he thinks was sex, we can't help but revel at the remarkably debauched nature of the Gallaghers when it comes to sorting their priorities. 

There is Carl and Debbie - Liam's two other older siblings - questioning him on whether he got the girl pregnant or not, being completely oblivious to the fact that he's a prepubescent boy who's probably too young to even consent to have sex with anybody at all for that matter. But hey - everything can be explained by just one word, and that word is 'Gallaghers.'