'Shameless' Season 9 episode 13 preview: The Debbie, Carl and Kelly love triangle could wreck it all!

We get it, they are all confused teens. But making out with your brother's girlfriend? Really? Debbie, you are better than that!

                            'Shameless' Season 9 episode 13 preview: The Debbie, Carl and Kelly love triangle could wreck it all!

With every new episode, Showtime's hit dramedy, 'Shameless,' brings out a newer, filthier side to the messy Gallaghers from the southside of Chicago, and with every season, it's a more shameless, and more reckless side of Debbie Gallagher (Emma Keeney) that comes out.

Okay, maybe we can go easy on the teenager who has recently discovered another side to her sexuality and is equal part confused about how to embrace that, as she is keen on how to explore it - but making out with your brother's girlfriend? Really? Debbie, you are better than that!

Sorry for all the spoilers, but here's what happened: Debbie has newly embraced her bisexual side, and ever since, has been keen on exploring it. Her brother, Carl (Ethan Cutkosky), has finally met a girl with tastes and ambitions similar to his, who also drives him towards his goals and motivates him to do better.

Good for both, right? Not really, because Carl's super awesome and totally kicka** girlfriend, Kelly (Jess Gabor), seems to have unintentionally charmed her way into Debbie's heart too, and after days of teasing and shying away from each other, the upcoming episode's teaser promo shows them finally engaging in a sweet little kiss.

But hey, they are still confused teenagers trying to figure out their lives, and more importantly, themselves, so maybe we could let it slide; except for the little fact that in just the previous episode, Carl had actually ended up asking Kelly whether she has already slept with Debbie or not.

And, before you jump on the blame game towards Carl's unnecessarily jealous boyfriend traits coming out, in his defense, Debbie knew exactly what she was doing with Kelly. And why is this not a biased opinion, purely because of Debbie's past choices in terms of relationships and romances.

At 14, she got pregnant with her first boyfriend, without his knowledge, just to trick him into having to take care of her and the baby, so she could move away from her family. Then was that whole fiasco about her being so keen on having sex with a hot guy, she, unintentionally and unknowingly, ended up coercing him into having sex without his consent.

The guy was drunk, and Debbie was too young to know how wrong this was, but she went with it, and that's definitely strike number two. Oh, and she also manipulated a differently abled man to take care of her and her toddler daughter, financially, while she was out having sex with other random men.


So, you see, Debbie has crossed so many lines already, and on multiple occasions. We know the heart wants what it wants, and she didn't exactly mean to "experiment" with her first lesbian interest, Alex, but she broke the hearts of all these people, and as it turns out, she doesn't mind using her ways to take away from her own brother, the one thing keeping him focused.

Still, it wasn't all Debbie. Having seen Kelly as such a driven, reasonably sound, and mature person on the show so far, it was kind of expected from her to see through what Debbie was doing; but she gave into her frustrations over her boyfriend too soon, it seems.

And that brings us to our final verdict: Poor Carl. With such a vivid lack of trust towards his girlfriend, and for good reason too, all we can hope is that lesbian porn is the only thing the boy has to give up on. Sure, he could have seen through Debbie's sh*t had he been more sensitive, but that would have been quite unlikely of Carl, wouldn't it?

We can only imagine what happens to those around him (knowing his temper) once he finds out about the aforementioned kiss. Still, it can't be positive for him and Debbie, and that's just heartbreaking because the two of them were growing up so well to be better replacements for their older siblings, Lip (Jeremy Allen White) and Fiona (Emmy Rossum) - who are about to leave the nest soon.