'Shameless' Season 9 episode 12 review: The Gallaghers, starting with Lip, are truly done with Fiona

Everybody is too self-absorbed with their own messes to even pay attention to the downward spiral Fiona is diving headfirst into

                            'Shameless' Season 9 episode 12 review: The Gallaghers, starting with Lip, are truly done with Fiona

This article may contain spoilers for 'Shameless' season 9 episode 12: 'You’ll Know the Bottom When You Hit It'

This week's episode of Showtime's hit dramedy 'Shameless' was very much an extended version of the promo teaser that dropped a couple of days ago. In that, there wasn't anything more to the episode except extra details into the scenes and sequences the teaser had already revealed, and if you took a good look at the video, you'd know exactly what to expect.

For starters, the conflict between the Gallagher siblings, Lip (Jeremy Allen White) and Fiona (Emmy Rossum), reached an all-time high, and as usual, everybody is too self-absorbed with their own mess to even pay attention to the downward spiral Fiona is diving headfirst into.


This week's episode began from the point where the previous episode's cliffhanger had left us, and by that, we mean the episode started with Fiona getting kicked out of the house. In a classic Gallagher family gathering, we see Fiona fighting with younger brother Lip, and their deadbeat corrupt father, Frank (William H. Macy), being the mediator.

Ever since the show returned from its mid-season hiatus, Fiona has been bankrupt, heartbroken, injured, and most importantly binge drinking for the most part of the recent few episodes. So, her family's hesitation in having her board at the family home is understood. However, Lip lashing out at her by packing her stuff and throwing it out on the curb, was a step too far, especially considering Fiona has been the backbone for the family for the longest time, and was Lip's biggest supporter in his erratic days.

This comes right after Xan - the coworker's child Lip was planning on adopting - gets taken away from him by the DCFS for a second time. This offers an explanation as to why Lip is already so agitated. Add to that Fiona's behavior and we have the reason behind him being so eager to kick her out of the house. But the whole Xan scenario seems like a last-minute addition - much like most scenes with the youngest Gallagher sibling, Liam (Christian Isiah) has been in this season - so, it's a little hard to register Lip's general frustration being channeled at Fiona.

What's even more surprising is that their younger sibling, Debbie (Emma Keeney), notices this unfold and doesn't shed an iota of concern because she is so wrapped up in her own love triangle with her brother Carl's (Ethan Cutkosky) new girlfriend. And this is what makes the whole episode seem poorly strung together as nobody is actually concerned about the one development they should be bothered by - that is Fiona's current state and her getting kicked out of the house.

So, of course, Lip continues on his authoritative journey and becomes the be all and end all when it comes to making decisions for the Gallagher house as his and Fiona's conflict reaches an all-time high. But all of this doesn't even compare to the ridiculousness of their deadbeat father, Frank, becoming the voice of reason in the Gallagher household.

Yes, that's how chaotic, messy and absolutely absurd the situation in their house is. From trying to be a 'dad' to Fiona, to giving her tips on how to be a proper drunk as opposed to the 'bad drunk' she is being, Frank pulls up his signature act together, and we have all known better than to assume that when Frank has his selfish, manipulative hat on, things won't turn out in his favor. It ends with him recruiting Fiona as a sidekick and she eventually turning into a classic Frank Gallagher, ruining social gatherings by her own self-destructive, negligibly thought out pursuits.


Things get so messed up, Fiona doesn't even care whose evening she is ruining. She takes her own crappy mood out on her best friend's husband, Kevin (Steve Howey), and eventually, the said best friend Veronica (Shanola Hampton) too.

But it still seems like this outburst has been a long time coming, because even when the Gallaghers are being their own messy selves, we expect Kev and V to be the voice of reason, and source of comfort for Fiona like they always have been. True Fiona is no child and she isn't her best friend's responsibility, but all over it just seems like everybody is out to see Fiona's downfall like it's a theater performance and they are either nonchalant or enjoying watching the sole matriarch crumble to pieces.

'Shameless' returns with episode 13 titled 'Lost' March 8, at 9 PM ET/PT, only on Showtime.