Shameless season 9 episode 11: Where are Kev and V when Fiona needs them the most?

Fiona is a grown woman and not Kevin and Veronica's direct responsibility, but to at least come through as the only sound voice of reason would be nice.

                            Shameless season 9 episode 11: Where are Kev and V when Fiona needs them the most?

This may contain spoilers for Shameless season 9 episode 11: The Hobo Games!

If there's one thing showtime's hit dramedy 'Shameless' has been consistent with, it is how all the plots of the multicast show come together in each episode. Lately, however, there seems to be a little strain in that department. With the most recent episode 10 of season 10 airing, once again we got to see the sad spiral of Fiona's (Emmy Rossum) downfall, and her family reacting to it radically, and with absolute nonchalance at the same time, in equal parts. But the one person (technically, two) who seems to be completely aloof from the matriarchal lead's worries and woes as she swings like a pendulum between sobriety and binge drinking is her very own best friend, Veronica Ball (Shanola Hampton.)

For the last nine years, Fiona and Veronica aka V have been the pillars of strengths for each other. Granted there were breaches in the friendship like every regular friendship suffers, but the two only came back stronger each time, setting new ideals for the term friendship goals. This time, however, it's different. As Fiona - heartbroken and bankrupt - takes to drugs and alcohol as a comfort, V is almost absent from her side. She is barely in frames where Fiona is going through the utmost levels of crisis and it does raise the scope for doubts over their current dynamics.


To put the blame entirely on V wouldn't be right either, owing to the latest developments in her life. Along with her husband Kevin Ball (Steve Howey) - who also happens to be the closest friend of the Gallagher family - V recently adopted a teenage immigrant boy called Santiago. This was after much coaxing and convincing from Kevin's side, who claimed that despite having two little girls, he still wants a boy he can play ball with. And before anybody could go on a rant protesting against the casual sexism in his demands, the couple decided to adopt a child from an immigrant detention center, offering him the much-needed asylum - thus rising above the standards of Southside Chicago once again.



But adopting a child to play catch with, and opting for an older one so he can also prove to be a big brother slash babysitter of the younger kids comes with its own set of troubles, and for that maybe we can cut V some slack here. Still, Kevin isn't entirely off the records when it comes to not taking responsibility for Fiona. She is as much his close friend, as she is V's - plus let's not forget the reason why Kevin has been so absent from the scene. True, he has been the flagbearer of Shameless' on-show #MeToo movement, and he has also been busy reuniting his foster son Santiago with the boy's family, but lying to your wife about getting a vasectomy when you did not, in fact, get one, isn't very Kevin Ball like. And that's two strikes for the most wholesome man on the show!



In their own pure, and innocent manner, the freaky couple turned eternal guardian of all have created such a mess that they don't know how to get out of the Mobius circle of it all. While lying to his wife about the vasectomy is absolutely unacceptable, so is forcing your husband to get a vasectomy done when he so clearly wants another child. Somehow, the couple has gotten so wrapped up in their own complications, that they seem to have completely abandoned their best friend Fiona, who probably needs them the most now.

True, Fiona is a grown woman and not their direct responsibility, but to at least show them in frames where she's struggling with her breakdowns, or at least come through as the only sound voice of reason that they have always been to her would be nice. Especially since this is the last season we are going to see Fiona, owing to Rossum quitting the show after this!

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