'Shameless' season 9: Are Fiona and Ford finally getting back together?

Fiona and Ford ended up on extremely terrible terms so the fact that he would show up in the Gallagher house so casually seems a little off; Is he trying to win her back?

                            'Shameless' season 9: Are Fiona and Ford finally getting back together?

Showtime's hit dramedy 'Shameless' is back from its mid-season hiatus with the latter half of season nine, and while the mid-season premiere was confusing and not all that surprising, the upcoming episode 9 has some heavily packed drama in store for viewers. At the center of several dramatic subplots playing out simultaneously will be Fiona's relationship with her Irish hunk of an ex-boyfriend, Ford, which leaves us with the biggest question of all: With Fiona's story coming to an end once Emmy Rossum quits after season nine, does the character end up with Ford?

Fiona (Rossum) - much like her past relationships - had started off with Ford as a non-exclusive hook up since he was a tenant in the same apartment building Fiona had bought. From sharing homes in the same apartment building to moving in together, Fiona and Ford's relationship had been a joyride compared to her past investments in matters of love. Ford seemed much more mature than the reckless abandon of Jimmy/Steve who just ended up stringing Fiona along for the longest time. And unlike disturbing episodes of heroin addiction that came with her almost-husband, Sean (Dermot Mulroney), Ford was sorted in those departments. He didn't even have the toxic lack of trust that Fiona's accidental short-term husband Gus did, so watching him finally treat Fiona right was good for a change. 


But of course, there's always a catch, and as the mid-season finale drew closer, Ford's suspicious nature - including a second phone where a certain Patty kept calling frequently - was also revealed. Initially, Ford had brushed it off saying Patty is his mother, but soon both Fiona and the viewers found out just how full of sh*t he was. Turns out Patty is actually Ford's estranged wife, whom he is still married to, and also shares a kid with. All of that revelation drove Fiona to a downward spiral along with her bad investment decisions, and she ended up totaling her car and getting badly injured. 

As the mid-season premiere revealed, Fiona has moved back into the Gallagher house and is pretty much freeloading on the Gallagher household since the poor business choices left her penniless and beyond broke. She has also taken to day drinking since the incident and was seen hanging out with a bunch of hobos on the streetside pavements, which would only end in lying wasted and passed out in front of her house. In short, Ford's lies, indiscretion, and everything else left Fiona so broken that she did something nobody had ever imagined the tough as nails matriarch of the show to do: She turned into an exact replica of her deadbeat father, Frank. 



However recent promos of the upcoming ninth episode teased a peek of Ford inside the Gallagher household and he claims he just wants his tools back from Fiona. We have to admit that the man has some guts walking into the house of the same people who managed to trap him naked and leave him hanging from a hoisted wooden guillotine to shoot paint-pellets at his bare butt. But his tools are clearly important, and so is the fact that he has decided to show up once again. 

Ford's entrance at this point in Fiona's life - especially with her story ending on the show - could imply two things. One, he will win her over once again, and this time without any serious secrets that could send Fiona off to another major spiral when she finds out. And the alternate scenario would be Fiona finally giving him a stern piece of her mind and achieving the much-needed closure that would be essential for her to get back on her feet. The showrunners have already mentioned that there is further for Fiona to fall, and while they 'wouldn't throw her under the bus' or something to kill her off, there are some pivotal developments approaching in her storyline. But as her ardent worshipper and fan? Whatever the Ford storyline entails, we just want her happy and content.

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