Why is 'Shameless' Season 11 Episode 7 not airing this week? Here are all the 'Hall of Shames' to watch out for

Shameless might not be returning this week on Showtime but worry not, the network has some genius Hall of Shames in store as a consolation

                            Why is 'Shameless' Season 11 Episode 7 not airing this week? Here are all the 'Hall of Shames' to watch out for
Ethan Cutkosky as Carl Gallagher in 'Shameless' Season 11 (Showtime)

With Liam swirling in guilt over accidentally shooting Terry, and Debbie's relationship with Sandy suffering a massive blow in the form of the latter's husband, the Gallaghers are truly not having the best of times. Lip too has to reconsider keeping their "Slaughter House" with Tammy given its horrendous reviews, and in all of that, the family is also considering selling the iconic house we have seen them live n for 11 years now.

Plenty of changes, a multitude of chaos, and several plans that went awry later, 'Shameless' is finally close to wrapping up the series for good. But the finale is far away, and so is the upcoming Episode 7 as fans tuning into showtime must have realized by now.

There's no new episode of 'Shameless' Season 11 airing on Showtime this week. Neither the channel nor the app, mind you. The reason of course has to be stalled production due to Covid-19 guidelines and regulations. Network shows are taking time to film newer episodes ensuring safety for their cast and crew, hence no keeping bulk of the season filmed in advance.

That or 'Shameless' really wants their fans to digest and process, and have the most of this season because the show wraps for good sometime around April this year. 


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That said, the wait for Season 11's upcoming Episode 7 still isn't any less of a tease, with 'Two at a Biker Bar, One in the Lake' dropping a whopping two weeks later, all the way on March 7, at its usual 9 pm time slot on Showtime and at midnight on the Showtime app. The official synopsis for the episode teases: "The Gallaghers disagree on the fate of their childhood home so a stranded Frank tries to get back to weigh in on the matter."

"Realizing that they have none, Ian and Mickey embark on a journey to find gay friends. Carl is upset after his night with Tish, and Debbie and Sandy have another visitor from Sandy’s past. Lip and Brad get ready to sell stolen bikes while Kevin has to think fast when he’s spotted riding a stolen chopper. Veronica hopes to pass the rent control bill with Liam’s help but receives some unexpected news," the synopsis adds.

Ethan Cutkosky as Carl and Christian Isaiah as Liam in 'Shameless' Season 11 (Showtime)

But before we jump to conclusions about what's awaiting little Liam's arc and whether he will make a trip to correctional facilities like his siblings Fiona and Liam, there are some gallant 'Hall of Shames' to treat yourselves to — sort of like a compensation while the show takes time off.

Instead of Episode 7, this Sunday will air 'Shameless Hall of Shame: Fiona: Go Fiona on them' and next week's Sunday, February 28 will air 'Shameless Hall of Shame: Frank: Ghosts of Gallagher Past' during the show's regular 9 pm timeslot on Showtime with the app dropping new installments at midnight.

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