'Shameless' Season 11 Episode 5: 'WTF was that ending?' ask fans, here's what's next for Sandy and Liam

While break up might be on the cards for Gallavich 2.0, the youngest Gallagher might see his arc on the show end up in jail

                            'Shameless' Season 11 Episode 5: 'WTF was that ending?' ask fans, here's what's next for Sandy and Liam
Elise Eberle as Sandy and Christian Isaiah as Liam in 'Shameless' (Showtime)

It's another 'Shameless' night and even though Season 11 is taking more hiatus weeks than airing new episodes, every time it returns, there's an absolute banger. Take Episode 5 for example. It was a steady wild ride for the first 53 minutes or so, but the wow factor was clearly in the final three minutes or so as we learnt more about Sandy (Elise Eberle) than we have in the entire last season and four episodes of this one combined. And still, that wasn't all. Our beloved anti-capitalist, anti-redneck king Liam Gallagher (Christian Isaiah) rose to the occasion to take out his father's biggest problem. And all of that has led to fans asking 'WTF WAS THAT ENDING?' 


Do Debbie and Sandy break up?

Debbie (Emma Kenney) spent the entire episode titled 'Slaughter' tailing her girlfriend, Sandy. She even put her daughter Franny's tracker in Sandy's bag and found out on the same day, her girlfriend takes a trip to the stripper joint Ends Meet and runs around town, traveling to all the shady drug joints. This led to Debbie asking if Sandy was a stripper or a drug dealer, and finally, the truth came out: Sandy is neither. After losing her job due to the pandemic, she has been crashing at people's couches, living in her car, and working as a bartender at the stripper joint, and driving around to earn some extra cash as a Postmates driver. 

Sandy kept this from Debbie because she didn't want her to know of the dire situation. But then something bigger happened, a man ended up screaming for Sandy in their yard and she labeled him as her husband as she ran out the back door. Bit of a deja vu moment from when Julia sent the cops on Debbie and she ran out the back door in the Season 10 premiere. But although Debbie just learned Sandy refers to their thing as a relationship, will she continue this further? Debbie's always been a sucker for the most complicated relationships. The final season could see her finally following in big sister Fiona's (Emmy Rossum) footsteps and choose herself first. But Sandy was the one who helped Debbie's sex offender registration turn around in her favor. Sandy's been more of a father or co-parent figure to Franny than anybody else in Debbie's romantic past. Maybe this is a match made in heaven.

Does Liam go to jail?

Fans are celebrating the youngest and only Black Gallagher's last-minute choices, tweeting "the ending!!! liam gallagher supremacy!!" After spending a whole day surrounded by the newly moved in Milkoviches racist jabs, the final moments of the episode sees Liam rush out the house in the middle of the night with a gun as he yells at the "rednecks" to shut up with a gunshot in the air. As fate would have it, Mickey's (Noel Fisher) dad Terry Milkovich (Dennis Cockrum) comes out of the house drunk as dirt to pee in the yard. The bullet fired by Liam round back and digs straight into Terry's nape, taking him out. 


It's a pride moment for the Gallagher patriarch Frank (Willaim H Macy), but will Liam follow older brother Carl's (Ethan Cutkosky) footsteps and make a trip to juvie? It would be a coming full circle, with Debbie following Fiona, and Liam exhibiting bits of Carl, while Lip (Jeremy Allen White) and Ian (Cameron Monaghan) share that intimate bond. But maybe this will be the Gallaghers' last big win, the way they had tried to dispose off their cousin Patrick in Season 6. Liam kills Terry, but nobody watched him aim the bullet at the Milkovich patriarch so why blabber.

The showrunners are really bringing the old recipes in new plates for the final season, and viewers cannot complain. Taking it to twitter, a fan torn with the ending shared: "his hot mess will probably finish off in a blaze of fiery shit faced white trash glory for better or for worse depending on your level of investment 11 seasons into @SHO_Shameless cause the 5th episode was wild as hell all the way til the ending of the damn episode." 


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