Ahead of the release of the trailer for Season 11, there was a lot of debate surrounding whether Debbie and Sandy's relationship should continue in the final season of the Showtime dramedy. The reason? Sandy seemed like a very forgettable character at the time. Of course, she had decked the crap out of Julia, the teenager who accused Debie of statutory rape because she was dating her mother too, but could Sandy and Debbie's relationship make the final installment cut? We think so, and more; Debbie and Sandy could become the next Gallavich because of more than just a common fondness for weed. 

For those who don't remember Sandy, she is that weird Milkovich cousin we were introduced to at the end of Season 9 and then again slammed with, sometime midway season 10. Sandy is no Mandy, but hey, she does the job as Mickey is now the resident soft boy Milkovich and not his older self that chose violence the first thing every morning. While we adore how far Mickey has come in his love for Ian, from being a straight-up hoodrat to what most would call Ians 'domestic bitch', we do miss the old Mickey with all his rage and madness, and not just the unwillingness to earn an honest living.

And that's where Sandy comes in; she's Mandy but minus the incessant feelings and goodwill that the Milkovich girl shared for all the shitty men in her life. Sandy has the Milkovich fire and rage, and spunk to get by life without simultaneously not giving a flying f*ck, yet somehow not succumbing to the struggles. She has the hots for Debbie and decided to headbutt Julia so hard after learning of what a mess she had caused in Debbie's life that it was a win-win right then. But we didn't think the bond would last this long, or that Debbie would become to Sandy more than just a late-night booty call.

At the opening of Season 11, Debbie and Sandy are a live-in couple, and without spoiling much, Sandy is actually the genesis of a brilliant plan for Debbie to make being a registered sex offender work in her favour. This happens in the backdrop of Mickey and Ian struggling to make being married work. There are issues with monogamy and employment as Mickey expects Ian to bear the brunt of both. They clearly took the plunge without discussing anything first, with just spousal privilege being their only goal, but Ian should have known better. We all know how a whimsical wedding worked out for Fiona, and Ian being the calculated one, this was a silly step from his end.

Love is never enough, no matter how much, and by the looks of it, the newer, more practical Gallavich might just beat the existing OG couple.

'Shameless' Season 11 premieres on Sunday, December 6, at 9 PM only on Showtime.

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