'Shameless' season 10 spoilers reveal Kevin Ball is trying his best to reclaim his masculinity

Season 9 showed Kevin chickening out last minute from a vasectomy procedure and then lying to his wife about getting it done anyway.

                            'Shameless' season 10 spoilers reveal Kevin Ball is trying his best to reclaim his masculinity

The official trailer for 'Shameless' season 10 is finally here and by the looks of it Kevin Ball is doing everything it takes to get his masculine mojo back. But the question is, why? 

Fans will remember from the second half of the ninth season back in January that Kevin (Steve Howey) and his wife, Veronica (Shanola Hampton) had a rift in their perfect harmony regarding adding another child to their existing family of four. Kev and V (as they are lovingly called by the Gallaghers) had twin girls, but Kevin wanted a boy he could 'play ball with'. So after much bickering, he and V compromised and decided to foster a teenage boy from an ICE detention center. 

So far so good, but then Kev went and did something very unlike him: after enough coaxing from V, he decided to go get a vasectomy but backed out at the last minute from the procedure -- a fact he managed to keep hidden from his wife. Lies and farce aside, the two resumed their harmonious relationship as the unspoken godparents of pretty much every character on the show and went about their days, trying to wrap their head around the show's then matriarchal lead, Fiona Gallagher's (Emmy Rossum) departure.  


But things in season 10 are looking quite different as Kev can be seen struggling to gain his composure while consuming what looks like disgusting smoothies to gain back his masculinity. In the trailer we see the youngest Gallagher, Liam (Christian Isaiah) at Kev and V's pub, The Alibi (like father like son much?) looking at Kev with concern, asking what Kev is drinking. The answer arrives from one of the bar's regulars, he reveals Kev's having a "testosterone smoothie, supposed to bring his manly mojo back". Kev puts what looks like leafy vegetables and canned alcohol into a blender, makes a smoothie, and gulps it down in one go before belting out a manly scream, tearing his tee-shirt off, while V looks on in confusion.

While Kev claims the smoothie tastes delicious, one can't help but wonder if this is all a ruse to maintain the lie he told his wife about going through with the vasectomy . Are all of his shenanigans to reclaim his manliness a farce to strengthen his lie? Or does Kev actually go through with the procedure sometime in season 10 and hence resorts to doing whatever he can to gain back his masculinity?

Find out when season 10 arrives on November 3, at 9pm, on Showtime.

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