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'Shameless' season 10 teases a romantic Mickey and Ian prison love story in the midst of an epic jailbreak

If there's a couple on the show that deserves a happy ending after all that they have been through, it's Ian and Mickey, aka the Gallavich ship

Almost as if filling in the massive gap that Emmy Rossum's exit will leave behind in Showtime's hit dramedy 'Shameless', the series has decided to bring back certain entertaining and significant older characters this upcoming 10th season. This includes everybody's favorite Ian "Gay Jesus" Gallagher, and the love of his life and signature bad boy, Mickey Milkovich. However, given the fact that the two former lovers reunited in a prison cell of all places in the mid-season finale of season nine, the question that really has given us sleepless nights is whether Mickey and Ian are going to have a prison romance or not!

Season nine, that chronicled the very dysfunctional and beyond messy Gallaghers from Southside, Chicago, arrived last September with some devastating news for fans that Emmy Rossum was quitting the show after the season for good. Soon after that came the announcement of Cameron Monaghan, who plays Ian, following suit. With two of the lead characters leaving the show, fans were shocked and upset, something that got in the way of being able to fully enjoy Rossum's last run as Fiona on the show.

The saving grace being the impeccably played out goodbye episodes for each of the characters, which in Ian's case happened with a reunion with Noel Fisher's Mickey, in prison. When Ian goes to prison, he finds out his cellmate is none other than his former boyfriend and the scene fades away as the two of them begin making out on the bunk beds.


Of course, we were beyond thrilled; if there's a couple on the show that deserves a happy ending after all that they have been through, it's Ian and Mickey aka the Gallavich ship. But what made things even better was Monaghan announcing after the season nine finale that he would be back to reprise his role as Ian in season 10.

Things got even better just days later when Fisher took to his Twitter and teased everyone with a clip of Mickey from prison. Having appeared from seasons one to seven, it was shocking to see season eight be completely sans Mickey. For all its worth, it always felt like there was more to Mickey and Ian's love story to tell, and by the looks of Fisher's teaser clip, those stories might just materialize in season 10!

In the video we see Fisher, in character, inside what looks like the closed walls of a prison cell, holding up a spoon in his hand. "Okay, okay, look, you all need to chill out. Okay? I am trying to dig my way outta here. I'm halfway through the goddamn wall. I'm sorry it's taking longer than you'd like, but I am digging an escape tunnel with a f***in' spoon. S**ts hard," Mickey says in the video from a dark room, with dirt on his face. He adds: "Any of you feel like you can bake a shovel into a cake and get it in here, bring it the f**k on. Otherwise, take a breath. Chill the f**k out. I'm comin'."


As of now, no definite plot has been revealed for season 10, but it wouldn't be entirely wrong to deduce from this video that for a bit of the season, we might get to see Ian and Mickey in prison. And that leads us to believe that a prison romance between the two might be on the cards. Let's be real, Mickey and Ian have always dived into each other whenever they have had a reunion. The problematic Mickey, who would always get into trouble with the cops and was especially shunned by his extremely conservative Russian father, was somehow the only grounding force for the troubled Ian struggling with bipolar disorder. Mickey was the one who convinced Ian to get himself admitted at a facility, and Ian was the one who toned down the inherent violence in Mickey.

At the end of season seven, we see Mickey escaping all the way to Mexico to avoid imprisonment, so it's quite expected that the two of them will resume what they had from the very moment they reunite. That, mixed with the whole jailbreak plot, will make the perfect replacement for all those who are still reeling in the hangover of the Netflix prison-drama 'Orange Is the New Black' ending, so buckle up for September when season 10 is expected to hit!