'Shameless' Season 10 Episode 6: With Lip and Tammi moving out, fans demand equal screen time for Mickey and Ian

Fans are thrilled for Lip and Tammi but what we really want is justice for the Gallavich couple who have been apart for the longest time.

                            'Shameless' Season 10 Episode 6: With Lip and Tammi moving out, fans demand equal screen time for Mickey and Ian
Ian and Mickey kissing on episode 6 of 'Shameless' season 10. (Showtime)

This article contains spoilers for season 10, episode 6: 'Adios Gringos'

In tonight's brand new episode of 'Shameless' season 10, we saw Lip and Tammi finally have the talk. Tammi's outburst for being crammed up in the Gallagher house with an entire flock of Mexicans as she has to take care of her newborn is every bit coming. It makes you gain a whole other level of respect for Fiona because the Gallagher house isn't exactly the place to raise any kind of life. At the end of the episode, as Lip did the inevitable and got an RV for his little family, fans were thrilled about the lad coming to his senses.

What they weren't thrilled about is how little screen time another pivotal couple on the show has been getting in the wake of all this new drama. Of course, we are talking about Ian and Mickey - the Gallavich reunion we have been getting sparingly throughout the season so far, and as fans took notice of the extra space in the house to finally give Ian and Mickey a room of their own, they weren't holding back from shading the show for sidelining the iconic couple.


It started right at the end of tonight's episode 6, titled 'Adios Gringos', when Lip finally got an RV for Tammi and Fred, when a fan pointed out on Twitter: "It’s nearly over and there isn’t enough ian and mickey." Another fan took to Twitter to raise the important questions: "Now that Lip & Tami are moving to the RV does this mean Ian & Mickey can get their own room?" But not all fans took kindly to the lack of focus shown to the Gallavich couple, as most of them took to criticizing it with some extremely observant backup arguments. Like this fan who pointed out: "Shameless giving Ian and Mickey zero screen time, the disrespect! Stop using them to promote the show, there are fans who have waited years for this moment and you are just lying to them and us (new fans)."

Similar sentiments were expressed by a fan who dissected all the background stuff that goes on every time Gallavich appears on the screen. "You know what have I noticed? We aren't getting new iconic songs in Ian and Mickey's scenes...like we've gotten 2 new kisses that could've been backed up by emotional songs and we got NOTHING. Shameless music department don't do this to me...please not you not you," shared a grieving fan, among many others pouring in with similar complaints. Knowing Fiona's absence was going to be compensated by the Gallavich reunion was one of the biggest factors keeping fans hooked to the show, so clearly, about time 'Shameless' considers our feelings too.

'Shameless' season 10 airs on Sundays at 9pm only on Showtime. 

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