'Shameless' Season 10 Episode 6 review: Baby troubles boom amidst a classic Gallagher style middle finger to the system

When Lip and Tammi's co-parenting issues are not taking the center stage, there's a bunch of problems with the other Gallagher kids that raise our concern.

                             'Shameless' Season 10 Episode 6 review: Baby troubles boom amidst a classic Gallagher style middle finger to the system
Debbie (M) decides to teach Peppa a lesson by exchanging Franny (L) for another redhead kid. (Showtime)

This article contains spoilers for season 10, episode 6: 'Adios Gringos'

'Shameless' has a knack of executing social issues and agenda in the most hilarious manner ever, bordering on the fine line that separates satire from an absolute mockery or caricature of how things and certain people are, and this week it takes on issues like fabricated sexual assault allegations, insurance fraud and of course, racial integrity and the loopholes in the death benefit system. The fun part is, somehow all these problems are measured in the context of parents watching out for their kids. 

When Lip and Tammi's co-parenting issues or whatever new label they want to slap on it is not taking the center stage, there's a bunch of problems with the other Gallagher kids that are taking the forefront. Right at the start is Frank and Liam's latest venture to get Ingrid's baby sold off to the best potential buyer out there. Of course, the scheming Gallagher and his young progeny aim for the racial minorities looking to get a white baby and based on the family's ethnicity the father-son duo change their appearance. All this looking the part however gets them wined and dined by the reasonably well to do families eager for a baby, and thanks to their efforts, Frank and Liam are once again brought together to bond ver their brash exploitation of the unsuspecting rich. 

Speaking of exploitation and how it runs deep to the core of the Gallaghers - Debbie's plan to teach her baby daddy's now widow Peppa a solid lesson looks flourishing too. After failing to get the real Franny on her worst behavior because mama raised a "good girl" as the four-year-old keeps insisting, Debbie seeks out kids up for foster care and strikes a deal with what has been the youngest girl boss on the show ever. She pimps out her redheaded little sister in exchange for a solid deal of candies and snacks, allowing Debbie to use the girl to stash Peppa's house because they had a deal. If Debbie shows up with Franny, she gets her check for the share of death benefit Franny ideally deserves. You know, just Gallaghers being extremely smart about tricking the system. 



Not all Gallaghers are having luck cheating the system back though; while Frank, Liam, and Debbie are acing the race, the most rebellious one of the lot - the one that went to jail for being a Gay Jesus blowing up trucks, Ian, is pretty much getting screwed up for not wanting to be a part of the paramedics team and their insurance fraudery that his corrupt parole officer wants him to indulge in. After taking a firm step back, she threatens him with her very vicious german shepherd of a guard dog, and suddenly, it's a corrupt system grabbing Ian by the balls because that's how things work on the southside - you either screw the system, or you get screwed for not participating in it. His only respite? Mickey makes it out on compassionate parole!

The most brazen of its kind in the social issue mockery department happens a little way farther than the Gallagher house though, specifically at the Ball's residence, and their livelihood - The Alibi. While V tries to make some extra cash by sneaking her way into all-black doctors' house parties, she is met with the harsh and bitter realization of how un-black she has become. Her mother blames it on her whitest of white husband, but that's not what Kev should be blamed for. He is going around fabricating false sexual assault allegations against his high school coach to earn some compensation from the case along with a bunch of other former classmates, who actually got molested by the pedophile.

With V's support and some help from documentaries, Kevin seems like he might be pulling off the scam of the season, but what it really highlights is how easy and without any moiety of conscience people can be driven to slam these charges just for some fast cash. The worst part? Not only does it invalidate the trauma of real victims, but it also works most of the time. Trust 'Shameless' to saliently feature the not-so-bright side of the momentous #MeToo movement, without demeriting anything that those brave voices stand for. Way to be subtle, southside. Way to be subtle!

'Shameless' season 10 airs on Sundays at 9pm only on Showtime. 

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