'Shameless' season 10 episode 5 spoilers tease Ian's release amidst the rest of Gallaghers navigating through babycare

Ian out of prison, Tammy struggling to take care of Freddie, Debbie getting pepper sprayed, and Frank being haunted by new kids of his - classic Shameless!

                            'Shameless' season 10 episode 5 spoilers tease Ian's release amidst the rest of Gallaghers navigating through babycare
William H. Macy, Emmy Rossum, Steve Howey, Cameron Monaghan, Shanola Hampton, Jeremy Allen White, Isidora Goreshter, Ethan Cutkosky, Emma Kenney, and Brenden Sims (Source : IMDb)

All hell is about to break loose in the upcoming episode 5 of 'Shameless' season 10, but it really is a 'ready or not, here they come' situation that the Gallaghers can't expect to get over with anytime soon.

The official promotional teaser shows Ian (Cameron Monaghan) finally getting released from prison, but the highlight of the moment is Lip picking him up. The brothers pick up right where they left off, as the first thing Lip asks Ian upon spotting him is whether prison turned him gay or not. Ian and Lip's exchange is wholesome and every bit as touching as it was expected; the brothers jostle and hug each other before Lip fills Ian in on the baby and Tammy's struggles with beginning to care for li'l Freddie. He sure does make it a point to ask Ian if he wants to celebrate with a couple of drinks, to which the younger Gallagher replies in the negative, saying he just wants to go home. Cue the awws!


But speaking of the baby, Tammy just cannot seem to wrap herself around the idea of babycare. There were hints of detachment that she exhibited the last time we saw Lip visit her in the ICU with their newborn son, so this could be postpartum depression in the building. But either way, Lip's concerns about leaving his baby alone with the mother are legitimate, even though it could just be separation anxiety from leaving his son in another person's care for the first time since he held the baby in his arms. Even if that other person is the baby's mother, Lip's mama bear complex doesn't falter. If only he applied the same smarts in helping Tammy cope, instead of asking one of his friends from the New Moms Anonymous group to help her out.


Like Debbie puts it, it's a major screw up. You don't introduce a new mom to an experienced one just to help her learn; it's a direct blow at her motherly instincts and capabilities and Lip sure has a big storm coming. A storm that will rival his little sister Debbie's quest to 'earn that sperm', which has escalated to her ambushing her dead baby-daddy's living wife for the military compensation share that Franny deserves too, as his child.

Debbie gets pepper-sprayed in the process so that's something fun to look forward to, but she still isn't at the worst end of deals. Remember Frank's latest love interest Ingrid in season 9? Looks like she has given birth to twins and her husband hounds Frank down to handover the kids who are actually Frank's son, Carl's. That should be an interesting conversation between the three men, but Frank makes a run for it the moment he sees the babies so there has to be the classic cat and mouse chase before we can see him caring for more kids!

'Shameless' season 10 airs on Sundays at 9 pm, only on Showtime. 

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