'Shameless' Season 10 Episode 2 spoilers tease baby Freddy and sleepless nights for new dad Lip Gallagher

In Fiona's absence, Lip ends up making certain formdable parenting decisions that his newborn son will definitely resent him over some day. But that's all Gallagher parents in a nutshell

                            'Shameless' Season 10 Episode 2 spoilers tease baby Freddy and sleepless nights for new dad Lip Gallagher

Parenting is hard and Lip is bearing the brunt of being a single one for a while. 

With the birth of his baby through an emergency C-section causing a severe hemorrhage for his girlfriend Tammy, Lip is now the prime caregiver for his baby son, especially with his elder sister Fiona being completely out of the picture. Expanding more on that front, the promotional trailer for the upcoming second episode of this season allows us to finally find out what Lip has decided to name his son, and it's... well, Freddy. "Like Krueger," as Lip's sister Debbie points out.

The trailer shows Lip walking in through the front lawn of their Southside Chicago house with his baby son in the stroller. He is greeted by Debbie exiting the front door with her toddler Franny in tow. Smoking and panting from their walk, Lip looks exhausted - his baggy eyes and obvious shade of dark that comes with sleep deprivation, as Tammy is clearly still in professional medical care.


When Debbie asks him if he has decided on a name for the baby, he tells her his ominous choice for the name of a newborn child, which causes Debbie to point out the obvious - sending Lip into a brief moment of reconsideration. However, that isn't the end of his woes as Debbie seems to leave the house without taking Freddy along - something that Lip was expecting, apparently. He even tells her he needs a nap because he has been up for 27 hours, and all Debbie has to say is "get used to it." 

Seems like that's one common response coming Lip's way a lot these days, as the trailer teases him attempting to change the baby's diapers and wash his backside with a dishwashing scrub. Poor Lip - you can't help feeling sorry for the guy. Let's hope he learns soon though!

'Shameless' season 10 returns with episode 2 next Sunday, November 17 at 9pm only on Showtime.

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