'Shameless will return with NOEL FISHER' after the big Gallavich reunion in season 9

'Shameless will return with NOEL FISHER' after the big Gallavich reunion in season 9

'Shameless' fans have managed to keep all of Twitter buzzing for a good time now, thanks to an unexpected, but massive change in the name of the Showtime dramedy's official Twitter account, which revealed a little something about Noel Fisher's iconic character, Mickey Milkovich.

On April 11, fans of the nine-year-long show were treated to the show's Twitter account changing their name to 'Bring Mickey Back' and if you are even vaguely familiar with the show, you'll know how massive that is. Mickey is one of the most notorious bad boys of Southside, Chicago, who is even better known as erratic redhead Ian Gallagher's boyfriend. Technically, they were on and off for the longest time and their almost decade long romance — that has been through hell and back — culminated with Ian (Cameron Monaghan) ending up sharing a prison cell with Mickey, in season 9.



The Gallavich love story sounds written on the stars and made for the screen, right? But as it turns out, that wasn't the last we had seen of Ian or even Mickey! The whole jail plot was a means of signing off Ian's character after Monaghan announced his exit from the show, ahead of season 9's premiere, back in September 2018. However, shortly after the midseason premiere in February 2019, it was announced that Monaghan is going to make a comeback in the upcoming season 10, but there was still no word about Mickey.

That is until the official Twitter account decided to pull this little stunt, teasing fans worldwide about a possibility of Fisher reprising his old character in the upcoming season. And this was only further confirmed when the same Twitter handle, changed their name once again, but this time to more concrete proof. Their Twitter handle's name now reads "Shameless will return with NOEL FISHER" with a mysterious spoon emoji along with the name, which Fisher took time out to explain in a dramatic, but hilarious video clip.




"Y'all need to chill out, okay? I'm trying to dig my way out of here," Fisher says in Mickey's character, sporting a spoon to the camera, implying that there's a prison break coming in his storyline for the upcoming season. He soon confirms in the video that he's trying to dig out of prison "with a f*cking spoon and that shit's hard."  But we all know, there's no Mickey without Ian, so it's quite possible that both of them will orchestrate a very shameless prison break and we are here for it!

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