'Shadowhunters' Simon Lewis is a wholesome, geeky vampire who also managed to beat the friendzone

As a nerdy band geek and played by the absolutely on-spot Alberto Rosende, Simon has constantly provided the goofy, comic relief to the fantasy show.

                            'Shadowhunters' Simon Lewis is a wholesome, geeky vampire who also managed to beat the friendzone

Getting dragged into a world that you have no connection with, purely because your close friend somehow got roped into it might not be a great thing, but Simon Lewis from 'Shadowhunters' taught us that it's not always necessarily a terrible thing either. 

Our first introduction to Simon was as the best friend of the show's protagonist, Clary Fray's, (Katherin McNamara). As a nerdy band geek played by the absolutely on-spot Alberto Rosende, Simon has constantly provided the goofy, comic relief in the fantasy show based on Cassandra Clare's bestselling young adult novel, 'The Mortal Instruments.'

But what he has also contributed to, is the crucial, underlying motto of the show in general, which has only promoted the idea of love, acceptance, and tight friendships where no one gets left out.



Sadly, however, despite being a character that's been full of nothing but true, unconditional love for the story's heroine, Clary, Simon sure has received a lot of subtle hatred from fans over the years. This was primarily because the moment he got introduced to the Shadow world, he started tagging along with Clary everywhere - including parties thrown by fellow Shadowhunter associates of hers.

True, he was initially being just a good best friend by accompanying her everywhere - sometimes even unasked - but what had started off as hatred for his annoying omnipresence around all things Clary, soon turned into hatred towards his love for her. 

How classic, right? For those unaware, Clary's knight in shining armor right at the start of the story is fellow Shadowhunter Jace Wyland (Dominic Sherwood) and the two are quite taken with each other right from the first time they meet. Now (quite unsurprisingly) Simon also happens to be in love with his red-haired best friend whom he has known all his life, and after masking his feelings for a significant amount of time, he finally chooses to come clean once things with her and Jace fall apart.

The result? Pretty much every fan turning against this overprotective, unconditionally loving best friend of a person because Clary and Jace are just meant to be.



But here's the catch: Simon was never the pestering, guilt-tripping friend threatening to cut ties from the girl just because she's in love with another man. He sticks by her without expecting her to see him beyond platonically as a reward and legitimately refuses to see Jace as competition of any sort.

To him, it's all about Clary's happiness even after he got - for the lack of a better term - friend zoned. And that comes off as such a breath of fresh air to witness because there's hardly any modern-day portrayal of such selfless love, that doesn't involve some remote bit of guilt-tripping or whining about how great the person offering their affection is.

This is probably also the reason why good karma is always so loyal to the wholesome personality that is Simon Lewis. The man who had started off as the annoying, bespectacled childhood best friend of the lead, had been turned into a rat somewhere along the story and was hated beyond reason just for being in love with Clary, met with a pivotal, life-altering twist when he almost died, only to come back alive as an invincible vampire.

This was probably one of the most fulfilling plotlines on the show that has given intense emotional feels to many and made millions more cry over the unfairness bestowed upon its characters.

So as we watched and sobbed over our goofy, nerdy sidekick lose his pulse, the showrunners were probably itching with eagerness to bless us with what they had in store for Simon. True, he didn't have a pulse anymore, but what he had was a strikingly perfect vision, an unquenchable thirst for blood, and the best part - the ability to pretty much turn anybody into salt if they decided to attack him.

Suddenly, it felt like poetic justice had finally been delivered and the world - well, the Shadow world at least - was a fair and happy place to live in. 

This ability comes with a price though, like most things, and the fresh-back-from-the-dead Simon can actually never die. It all sounds pretty badass and all that jazz, but come to think of it - this adorable, fiercely loyal, wholesome person with just about the best sense of humour - will have to watch all of his mortal friends die as he continues on forever. Cue the tears, but that's alright. But hey - right at the start we have established that Simon is the emblem of how not all things you get forced into are necessarily bad - and pretty much along those lines, almost as if to compensate for the lack of any visible negative trait in his character - Simon ends up cheating on not one of the gorgeous ladies on the show, but actually two pretty solid, admirable ones.

This plot development of Simon cheating on both Isabelle Lightwood (Emeraude Toubia) and Maia (Alisha Wainwright) is exciting for its own unique reasons too! One, Simon is no longer the stereotypical one-dimensional good boy who can never do anything wrong. And without romanticizing or supporting anything associated with cheating, the plot does show Simon in a new humane light despite him recently having turned into an immortal vampire. In that, Simon is still very much a supernatural creature of the night who is also gifted with the ability to walk out into the sunlight, but he is also human and prone to making mistakes.

This single plot pretty much deconstructs the image of Simon we have - till this point - grown to love and adore and this pulling him down from the pedestal of ideals was much needed to humanize the character.

And after all that dying, and humanizing, and even more - turns out being the good guy can really play off - because somehow Simon and Clary finally found their way back to each other and actually began dating for real. That's right, despite all the hatred from fans, and all the glorification of the high and mighty Jace Wyland, after Simon finally confesses his feelings for Clary, the two decide to give it a shot.



But what still continues to be the most interesting aspect of Simon's character, is just how far from the stereotypical vampire he is. He is not the dashing, sparkling, 107-year-old irresistible Edward Cullen from 'Twilight', neither is he the snarky, intense hottie like Damon Salvatore from 'The Vampire Diaries.' He is a vampire like no other - with an unmatchable sense of humor and also incredible taste in music. And even though till this day, hardcore Jace and Clary shippers find it hard to register that Clary and Simon are a thing, there's no denying that Simon ended up being the ultimate God, making his way out of the friendzone, and we couldn't be any prouder!

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