'Shadowhunters' series finale gave fans all the closure they needed amidst a wedding, a tragic loss and a wonderful prologue

The Freeform series is finally saying goodbye to its fans with the additional two-hour-long finale that was supposed to give them closure, and it did not disappoint.

                            'Shadowhunters' series finale gave fans all the closure they needed amidst a wedding, a tragic loss and a wonderful prologue

This article contains spoilers for Shadowhunters series finale from season 3, episodes 21, and 22.

Shadow-fam! This is it, the epic finale, the Final Hunt we have been waiting for is finally here, and boy, what a ride it was! After three successful years of brewing fantasy, love, friendship, and acceptance, the Freeform series is finally saying goodbye to its fans with the additional two-hour-long finale that was supposed to give them closure.

The episode kicked off with a treat for good ol’ Malec fans. Once again. Magnus Bane (Harry Shum Jr.) and Alec Lightwood (Matthew Daddario) are finally getting married and this is almost as precious to fans because as Magnus says, he has waited hundreds of years for this man. So have we, Magnus. Maybe not 100, but three years is no less time. And that’s also what will allow fans to look back into how phenomenally the shadowhunter and the warlock have grown as a couple. 




Next up, it’s time to rejoice for Sizzy fans. And there could be no way of not spoiling this if one were to write about it because Sizzy just made some sizzling love with each other and it was everything fans of the new couple - Simon Lewis (Alberto Rosende) and Isabelle Lightwood (Emeraude Toubia) – could have asked for. It began with a kiss and ended with the two of them laughing next to each other – still topless and covered in sheets – while holding hands. That Simon is able to get Izzy to give into such soft tenderness speaks volumes for how far the daylighter has come from his “relationships don’t work for me” days. Similarly, Izzy getting Simon to open up – in ways more than one – is also commendable for the badass in leather jeans.

Simon and Izzy get their happy ending (Shadowhunters)

But the most shocking thing was the platinum blonde haired recently elevated super-evil Jonathan Morgenstern (Luke Baines) indulging in some red-head affair, and how things just transpire from that point. That’s right, not-so-poor-boy Jonathan decided to seduce the Seelie Queen! And he succeeded! The worst is yet to come because our man here pretty much slept with the Seelie Queen and killed her. He doesn’t waste time, does he? Because he clearly has bigger, more evil things to do, like take over the world by destroying one shadowhunter institute after the other. That too on Malec's wedding day. This boy really does not care about anybody but his own twisted, sinister motives and that's exactly what makes Jonathan such a killer villain to watch out for!



But this is what takes us to Clary Fray (Katherine McNamara) because the amount of sheer willpower and bravery she showed in the face of her own estranged half-brother slash former evil-twin set out to kill the rest of the planet is nothing short of remarkable. Clary, being Clary, decides to go alone to stop Jonathan from wreaking havoc on thousands of innocent lives, but Jonathan is the big baddie here and doesn't hesitate to remind her that he will take her out too if she doesn't move from his way. This was probably one of the tensest bits of the show purely because before killing the Seelie Queen, Jonathan had made sure to get his true potential unlocked. So for Clary to stand up to him at this point knowing she might not be able to do much, is not only commendable but also a sheer reminder of why we have grown to love Clary so much all over again.

It is, however, sheer brilliance how they showed the face-off between Clary and Jonathan once again. On one hand, we have the child of pure evil, Jonathan, with his evil black eyes and massive black wings spreading out around his platinum blonde hair, giving the perfect insidious aura to his character. While on the other hand we saw Clary bloom into the angel she was always destined to be, and at that moment, she looked ethereal. In a not so predictable manner, Clary chose to vanquish Jonathan with the one force he didn't have the chance to experience in this lifetime - love. It was not only a poetic ending to Jonathan's tragic life, but also a full circle of the evil-twin thing coming together. In the end, Clary did love Jonathan enough to kill him.

That's not all on the Clary front though; the girl lost her runes, and as we see closer to the end, her powers too, in a bid to take down the bad guy; but in return, she gained a parabatai in the form of her best friend Izzy. But as we will regret not being able to watch that bond grow, another bond was turned into something solid and that was, of course, the Malec wedding in the end. What an appropriate culmination to the journey of the couple that has made countless number of fans have faith in themselves over the years. The lights, the grandeur, the music, the vows and especially the first dance as a married couple - everything was enough to make the viewer a sobbing mess. 

Why? Purely because of all the Clace we got at the end of the finale. Clary - in a bid to distance herself from the rest of the shadow-world - starts saying her goodbyes, and as usual - the love of her life, Jace Herondale (Dominic Sherwood) shows up to show her back to the light again. For a second there, things got really worrisome as Clace seemed to be the only couple that wasn't going to get the proverbial happy ending. 

As Clary progressed through her transformation into a now powerless mundane, her memories started disappearing one by one. And that was particularly painful to watch purely because of the genius that is McNamara. If you make it through the Malec wedding without a single tear, this will be the one test where you'll fail. There is no getting over her blinking her eyes, wondering just why the people she has known for all these years are disappearing one by one, and that truly highlights that it's one thing to wake up with no memory, and a totally different thing to realize you're losing them one by one.  

The ending is beautiful and quite symbolic in a lot of ways. Clary's journey in the shadow-world had begun with her getting her memories restored, so it only makes sense that at the end of the journey the new memories she made - related to this world - are gone one by one. In its own way, the scenario became somewhat like everyone remembers Clary, but she doesn't know any of these people - or what she has done for them, or what she means to them.

It's unfortunate, that the last shot Clary and Jace get to share is not in the epilogue - sitting comfortably by the fire, enjoying a meal together with their kids playing around somewhere. The last moments they share are in the comforts of each other's arms at the wedding, where Clary realizes what's going to happen to her. And there could be no other ending more poetic than this for the star crossed lovers. That is until the final scene appears and Clary - a year later - can miraculously see Jace again! Of course, nothing happens, but there's that linger of hope that there's the possibility of something definitely happening between the two of them all over again, and there you go, shadowfam. Now that's the ending we deserved!

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