'Shadowhunters' new home: Here are the possible destinations for the show and how they stack up

The #SaveShadowhunters campaign has been working tirelessly to find a new home for the show. While picking it up is a no-brainer, not all networks and services will make a good fit

                            'Shadowhunters' new home: Here are the possible destinations for the show and how they stack up

It’s the largest fan campaign to save a TV show the world has ever seen. Spanning the globe, fans of 'Shadowhunters' have worked tirelessly to get their show picked up by a new network. But high production costs and a glut of fantasy programming is making their task difficult. 

So here’s a look at a few of the networks and streaming services that could provide 'Shadowhunters' with a new home. But would they be a good fit for the show and its fans?


The juggernaut is rolling around the world and seemingly unstoppable in its growth. Netflix has embraced the 'more is better' model and churns out shows and movies at a phenomenal rate. At first glance, Netflix would seem the ideal home for 'Shadowhunters'. They have the deep pockets for a show with such high production value, and a global fanbase that dovetails with the existing planet-wide fandom 'Shadowhunters' has.

Netflix is also known for resurrecting canceled shows — 'Arrested Development' and 'Gilmore Girls', and more recently 'Lucifer' and 'Designated Survivor''. The fact that 'Lucifer' has been picked up, however, could mean that the company may not opt for another fantasy show that’s not from its own stable.

'Lucifer' has been picked up by Netflix
'Lucifer' has been picked up by Netflix

Of late, Netflix also seems to be moving more into distribution, especially for shows created outside America, and while the service will continue to produce its own content, it’s increasingly looking to tap global audiences by catering to them in their native language. Netflix also has a slew of movies out and in the pipeline, signaling another shift in strategy. 

Verdict: Chances are still good, especially since Netflix has canceled a number of its Marvel superhero shows (which most likely will get a new home on Disney’s new streaming service). Cost of production, however, will play a major role in any decision.


Amazon blew us away this year with the phenomenal 'Jack Ryan', laying down a marker that they’re here to play ball with the big boys. They followed that up with 'Homecoming', starring Julia Roberts, which raked in the accolades. Amazon is known for signing off on intelligent shows, be it comedy or drama. Think 'Hand of God', 'The Man in the High Castle', and 'Goliath' and you’ll know that they’re very picky. That should be a reason for optimism for 'Shadowhunters' fans who know that their show ís a trailblazer.

Jack Ryan was arguably one of the best shows of 2018
Jack Ryan was arguably one of the best shows of 2018

But Amazon already has two superhero/fantasy shows scheduled for 2019 in 'The Boys' and 'Carnival Row', and has also picked up the superb sci-fi show 'The Expanse'. Will they have space for another? The other worry is that Amazon tends to prefer an A-list cast, and whether a fanbase that trumps those of most existing superstars can paper over that fact remains to be seen.

Verdict: 50/50. Unlikely, but if they do, it’s probably the best home the show can get.

The CW

When it comes to superheroes and fantasy, there is no network on the planet that does it better than The CW. They know what their audiences like and deliver it in spades. Also, with The CW expanding its lineup to six nights, they certainly need more content. So ideally this should be the new home for 'Shadowhunters'. Ideally, yes, but in reality, the chances of The CW picking up 'Shadowhunters' are faint.

A 'Legacies renewal is looking extremely likely
A 'Legacies renewal is looking extremely likely

They’ve only canceled three shows this year, and with 'Legacies' primed for renewal, and new shows like 'In the Dark' and 'Roswell, New Mexico' lined up for next year, they may have their slate sorted. But with the 'All American' and the 'Charmed' reboot not really living up to expectations, a window of opportunity has opened. 

Verdict: Unlikely, but if the slim hope turns out to be something more substantial, then this is great news for the show. Production costs will come into play, however.


Disney’s new streaming service has got Netflix looking over its shoulder, and with money in the bank, production costs should not be an issue here. But with the Marvel catalog in Disney’s war chest, does the giant need 'Shadowhunters'? What the bean counters in Disney should be paying close attention to, however, is the show’s fanbase. Onboarding 'Shadowhunters' as the service begins will give its global footprint a massive boost and will combine sublimely with the studio’s existing content.

Verdict: If this is solely a business decision, then this is an absolute no-brainer for Disney. Inclusive, diverse and with a mammoth, passionate fanbase, 'Shadowhunters' should already be on Disney’s 2019-2020 schedule.


No one makes better TV than HBO and Showtime, and with Hulu delivering the best pound-for-pound quality out there, any of these would be dream homes for 'Shadowhunters'. But it ain’t going to happen. For one, they aren't globally accessible and second, the subscription costs for the first two mean that the idea is a non-starter.

Verdict: Nada, makes no sense for any of the parties.


The godfathers of American TV, and kings of the procedurals and dramas, may have cast an eye over 'Shadowhunters', but production costs would have put paid to any queries. All three have packed schedules and are brutal when it comes to cutting shows. It’s unlikely they’re going to pick up a canceled show unless they can show a competitor they can do it better (think 'Last Man Standing' and 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'). 

'Manifest' has been one of NBC's top shows in 2018
'Manifest' has been one of NBC's top shows in 2018

FX and Syfy were once mooted as possible destinations, but with them being owned by FOX and NBC respectively, it doesn’t hold much water. And with Syfy distributing its George RR Martin’s 'Nightflyers' through Netflix, the pool is murky here.

Verdict: Not going to happen, and 'Shadowhunters' fans should not be displeased by that.


Now before you laugh us off the park for this, hear us out. Long before MTV became the home of reality spectacles like 'Teen Mom' and 'Jersey Shore', they made some seriously popular shows. Both 'Teen Wolf' and 'The Shannara Chronicles' were MTV shows and the company has produced such classic films as 'Varsity Blues' and 'Hustle & Flow'. There’s some serious pedigree here, and seeing MTV’s absolutely massive global fanbase spanning all age groups, 'Shadowhunters' would fit like a glove.

'Teen Wolf' was an MTV show with a massive following
'Teen Wolf' was an MTV show with a massive following

The question is whether MTV has the stomach for such a large undertaking. If they do, then this could be a relationship made in heaven, even though no one will give it a snowball’s chance in hell of working out.   

Verdict: If we were bookmakers, we’d look to clean up here. So left field it might just be the perfect match.  

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