'Shadowhunters' Season 3 episode 13 preview: Will Simon and Izzy recover before Clary's big reunion?

Recently released promos teased the ever so anticipated reunion between Clary and her friends; and in the trailer, while everybody hugs Clary, Simon isn't present

                            'Shadowhunters' Season 3 episode 13 preview: Will Simon and Izzy recover before Clary's big reunion?

Ever since the 12th episode of 'Shadowhunters' season 3 came out this Monday, a big talking point among fans has been the sizzling chemistry between Sizzy - aka Simon Lewis (Alberto Rosende) and Izzy Lightwood (Emeraude Toubia).

And now, with the promotional photos and teaser snippets for the upcoming 13th episode out ahead of its next week release, what's clear is that Clary Fray (Katherine McNamara) and the rest of the Shadowhunters are about to have a grand union, welcoming her back. However, what is still not clear is what Simon and Izzy's situation will be at the time of the reunion.

Titled 'Beati Ballicosi', episode 13 hints at the slogan of the wolf organization Clary's stepfather and alpha werewolf Luke Garroway (Isaiah Mustafa) is associated with, which could mean that he is the focus of the coming episode.

In promotional photos released by Freeform, we see the ever so anticipated reunion between Clary and her friends; and in the photos, while everybody gets takes the opportunity to give Clary a hug, Simon was nowhere to be seen until the very end. In fact, in the official trailer released, Simon is nowhere to be seen at all. Something didn't sit right with us about that, so let's take a quick look at why Simon could possibly be missing, for the most part, from the grand reunion.


Considering this is the last and final installment of the three-year-old series based on Cassandra Clare's 'The Mortal Instruments' novels, the action is seriously pacing up in the ongoing season, as showrunners are trying to encompass everything that would help provide fans closure. For starters, Clary is back from being missing, thus helping her friends overcome their guilt for not being able to save her.

Back home, however, her best friends, Simon and Izzy, are on a mission to destroy the Mark of Cain, which they believe took Clary's life. It is their mission that fronts them with the biggest crisis we have witnessed on this season so far, as at one point - trying to get rid of the Mark from his own body - Simon turns pale and drops unconscious in Izzy's arms.

Right from the start of the season, we have felt sparks going off between the two, so the scene was even more emotional to watch as Izzy slit her palm and Simon drinks her blood, as she begs him to come back to life. Of course, Simon returns and is on path to a full recovery, but the ritual ended up putting Izzy's health at risk because of all the blood she lost.


Also, helping Simon meant a breach in her sobriety. In the previous episode, in an attempt to help stabilize Simon, she allows him to bite her arm, allowing the blood drip into his mouth. Simon, being a Daylighter, possesses vampire venom - the same kind that Izzy used to be addicted to in the past. With this new breach in her sobriety, and also having used her arm to save his life, if anything, it will be Izzy needing intensive care in the following episodes.

In the end, despite almost coming close to losing his life, it is Simon who will be fronted with the responsibility of helping Izzy recover, and that mixed with this second shot he got at life, might put things into a different perspective for him.

So, in all probability, with Clary returning just in a matter of days, both Izzy and Simon's lack of physical fitness might keep them from indulging in the reunion as intensely as they would have liked to. And that could explain the lack of Simon, from the grand gathering most teaser photos have revealed.