'Shadowhunters' season 3B: What the action will culminate to once 'The Final Hunt' begins

'Shadowhunters' season 3B is seemingly going to focus on Clary's revival, her fight against her brother Jonathan, and Jace and Simon's quest to find her

                            'Shadowhunters' season 3B: What the action will culminate to once 'The Final Hunt' begins

Freeform recently revealed a promo-poster for the upcoming second half of 'Shadowhunters' season 3, which is also going to be the final installment of the highly popular fantasy show after it was canceled last year following its second season. So far, the network has managed to be exceptionally discreet and secretive about what fans can expect from the last season, but considering the show is based on Cassandra Clare's bestselling 'The Mortal Instruments' novels, ardent fans of the book might already know what's about to go down.

Still, the show so far has proved there are several digressions from the original book. Here are some of the things that have piqued the intrigue about what the action is going to culminate to before the show ends. For starters, what we do know is that the coming season 3B is going to be longer than the initially announced 10 episodes.

Almost as if answering fans' anxieties about how all the action, drama, and events of Clare's seven-part series is going to be covered on the show, Freeform decided to offer fans an additional two-hour series finale titled 'Shadowhunters: The Final Hunt' in order to "give devoted fans a proper ending". The burning question that still lingers is what exactly are fans going to be treated with once season 3B premieres on February 25, 2019. 


With the end of the first half of season three, we saw the show being able to cover just the first four books in the original series so far. Meaning, within the span of 10 episodes and a two-hour long finale, the show still has to cover the remaining three books by Clare. But if the show's past is to be considered, each book has taken about 11 hours to be portrayed on-screen, which - if followed again - leaves the second half of season three just enough time to wrap up all of the events of the fifth book in Clare's series, called 'City of Lost Souls'.

The mid-season finale of the show saw its protagonist, Clary Fray's (Katherine McNamara) disintegrate into nothingness following an explosion, and as of now, Clary is dead. However, McNamara herself has confirmed that she is very much a part of every single episode in the upcoming final season, thus spilling the beans about Clary's fate on the show.

"Kat McNamara is coming back to the show," executive producer Todd Slavkin confirmed to TVLine. "Without ruining it, the fact that Jonathan's hand grabbed her from that coffin means something moving forward. She wasn't alone when she ran across that room. And Lilith did a whole lot to bring back Jonathan; the arm proved that it worked and that he's alive," he added.


Along with that piece of reassurance, fans on social media have been buzzing about the possibility of Clary taking on her soulmate, Jace Herondale's (Dominic Sherwood), responsibilities in the on-screen representation of the story as told in the 'City of Lost Souls' book. Playing the role of the main antagonist will be her newly-brought-to-life brother, the real Jonathan Morgenstern (Luke Baines) - a character both responsible for creating an army of dark Shadowhunters and also for bringing Clary back from the dead.

With so much going on at Clary's end, it's impossible for these incidents to not have a direct impact on those close to her, especially the love of her life, Jace, and her childhood best friend, Simon Lewis (Alberto Rosende).

After Clary was believed to have died in the explosion, Jace took responsibility for her death and could very much go on a downward spiral as a consequence. Hand in hand with him would be Simon, who has been in love with Clary for quite a while now, before even dating her briefly in the latter half of the second season. Yet, the upcoming final season won't necessarily be a bonding tale for Jace and Simon.  


"They're not the only ones experiencing that grief, so it won't necessarily be a Jace-and-Simon story," teased executive producer Darren Swimmer. "But you will see pairings of characters you don't normally see in dealing with their grief," he added. Almost resonating with the idea, Slavkin also stated: "I think Jace and Simon probably feel it the most in that moment, but Clary was so meaningful to so many people. Imagine Luke and Alec and Izzy — everyone is rocked to their core."

And it doesn't stop there. The show's fans are no less passionate about the character, and the show in general. Right after it had been announced last year that there won't be a season 4 for Shadowhunters,' fans of the show started a worldwide phenomenon with the 'Save Shadowhunters' campaign, which included signed petitions, and even flying a banner over Netflix headquarters with the tag '#SaveShadowhunters.'

And, almost as if to reward them for their support, faith, and unwavering loyalty towards the show, cast members teased about how bittersweet the ending is going to be - much like the struggle the fans went through to get their favorite show picked up for further seasons. 

"[It's going to be] heartbreaking and joyful and exciting," teased Anna Hopkins, who plays the role of Lilith on the show. Matthew Daddario - the face for the popular Alec Lightwood - also shed light on how tough it has been for the cast members. "We're looking forward to the strong finish. It's not going to dwindle on and people get tired of it. It's going to hit a good end. People are going to be happy. I'm really looking forward to it," he mentioned.

Rounding all of that up, what 'Shadowhunters' season 3B is seemingly going to focus on is Clary's revival, her fight against her brother Jonathan, and Jace and Simon's quest to find her simultaneously. And as for the fans, there will be, once again, a touching, heartwarming journey filled with bittersweet realizations, shocking reveals, comic relief sprinkled here and there, and a finale that will provide them with the closure they are so desperately seeking.

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