'Shadowhunters' season 3B: Magnus Bane coping without magic proves he'll always be the High Warlock of Brooklyn

If not anything else, the impact of losing his magical abbilities is manifesting in the form of a strained relationship between Magnus, and his boyfriend, Alec.

                            'Shadowhunters' season 3B: Magnus Bane coping without magic proves he'll always be the High Warlock of Brooklyn

Freeform's extremely popular fantasy series 'Shadowhunters' is on the brink of its series finale, with the second half of its third and final season arriving soon, but there are still answers to look for and closures to acquire, and most importantly, surprising storylines to unfold. One of those storylines is that of the High Warlock of Brooklyn, Magnus Bane. 

Played by Harry Shum Jr., the character gained extreme popularity and amassed a colossal fanbase worldwide because of his sexuality, snark, panache, and unique sense of style. Within the three short years of its running, 'Shadowhunters' - based on Cassandra Clare's 'The Mortal Instruments' books - has created a fabulous gay icon on TV like no other because he is as much a mushy, lovey-dovey partner to Alec Lightwood (Matthew Daddario), as he is a kickass fighter when it comes to slaying demons. But as season 3B will arrive, we will get to see Magnus in a whole new light; he will be everything he was, yet nothing at all. 

Back in the mid-season finale of this season, that aired in May 2018, we saw Magnus undergo the biggest change of all. In an attempt to help himself and his fellow Shadowhunters from Lilith - the most powerful dark Queen of Edom - Magnus decides to approach his father Asmodeus for help. His father agrees to do him the favor but not without conditions. He offers his help, provided Magnus returns to rule by his father's side, and later when Magnus returns back to the earthly realms to help his friends, he realizes the actual price he paid for his father's help was giving up all of his magic.

Having been centuries old, Magnus has survived by using magic throughout his life. From trivial day-to-day things to ugly crisis situations where his friends' lives were in question, Magnus always saved the day using his magical powers of ancient runes, but not anymore. The loss of his powers also meant that he couldn't help in saving Clary Fray (Katherine McNamara) from the Mark of Cain explosion that was meant to send Lilith back to Edom, resulting in Clary's assumed death. So it's also highly likely that along with the loss of his powers, Magnus also has to deal and cope with the same guilt and loss of Clary like most of her friends. 


This is taking a toll on his relationship with Alec as was established by one of the recent teaser videos released by the network. The teaser starts with Magnus waking Alec up and going on an intriguing monologue about the farmer's market and how many oranges it actually takes to make a glass of orange juice, before offering him breakfast in bed. Alec, being the practical one, asks if the day is special - a question Malec fans would be itching to know the answer to as the scene pans out - and to that Magnus has the iconic, most wholesome response about just making the most of the day when he gets to spend it with his handsome hunk of a boyfriend all to himself.

Mushy and wholesome, right? But no amount of nicknaming each other that the video offers could take away the bittersweet kiss the two characters share, especially since Alec is left with a deprived, concerned look on his face. But worry not, things aren't spiraling downward for these two as a couple, as cast members Dominic Sherwood - who plays the role of Jace Wyland - and Daddario himself told MEAWW exclusively that a love like that is hard to find, so Malec finding other partners is out of the question.


At the same time, we know that Clary is going to come back alive in the final season of the show as McNamara herself has confirmed to us in previous interviews.  So what's in store for Magnus in the final installment of 'Shadowhunters' arriving this Febbruary 25? Think lots of pain, inner turmoil, and coming face to face with his father once again, as showrunners have confirmed, which also offers the bleak hope that maybe there's still a chance that Magnus could get his powers back and go on to live happily ever after with Alec. 

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