'Shadowhunters' Jade Hassouné says the story will go on forever: 'We know it's not the end absolutely'

'Shadowhunters' Jade Hassouné says the story will go on forever: 'We know it's not the end absolutely'

Even as 'Shadowhunters' fans struggle to register the finale of a three-year-long journey which taught them love, friendship, and acceptance, actor Jade Hassouné shared some insights with MEA WorldWide that could help us cope with the end of the saga.

Hassouné - who played Meliorn on the Freeform show - returned in the penultimate episode of season 3 to join forces and aid the alliance formed by Clary Fairchild's friends to defeat her evil twin Jonathan Morgenstern (Luke Baines.) His crucial role in the story aside, Hassouné would like to assure fans that the story which has given them hope and faith over the last three years, will live on in one way on another.

Speaking about his return to the show, Hassouné said: "It's so great, it's so good to be together.. there's so much to say here. It was fun... Kat (Katherine McNamara), but I don't know if we had time to cry really. That shit was great, it was a really good finale that we were proud and we were really excited. It's cool to be together because the thing is we're gonna see each other, and we're gonna see the fans at conventions and stuff this summer, so we know it's not the end absolutely. But in a way for Freeform and everything, it was for them to say thank you."



At the same time, he made a note to acknowledge just how spectacular the show's fanbase has been ever since it was canceled last year following its second season's ending, but was resurrected on popular demand.

"It was (wild), it wasn't surprising. I know the power of their passion," he remarked, adding: "What was surprising was the amount of billboards they bought all over the world and the publicity they did for the show - I was kinda hoping that something would happen because it would be fun to continue with the show, but I'm sure there'll be spin-offs."

As for the ever so intense role his character played in the finale, Hassouné was all praise about the show finally bringing together all the favourite characters.


"I was in the final episode of season 3 - episode 20 - which I was happy to because it took them a little time to incorporate Meliorn into the story, so I was super happy," reminisced the actor.

"I have been honestly waiting for the alliance moment for three, four years now, so I was super happy they finally did it. They had no other choice than to bring all the characters together so it made for a really good episode. BEcause why wouldn't you use your main characters, your main connections to create a story that develops between them. We haven't seen that because there's so much going on that prevented all the favorites from coming together in a different way because there are so many different characters and storylines coming in and going out, so I was just kinda like 'It's about time.'"

Hassouné's thrill and love for the show and its fans was vividly evident when he addressed the fan meet and greet he had enjoyed in Europe.

"I was happy to get the call but at the same time the way they did it - we were in Europe, we were meeting with the fans, and actually - you're getting this for the first time - but I was like 'No, I'm not coming back,'" he told us. 


"I said no to returning because I had made a commitment to be in Europe, and to be with the fans, but it's the way that contracts work. It would have been not worth it for me to go back, so I'm happy it worked out cause all I really wanted to do honestly was to be with my friends one more time and to complete this story."

And speaking about completing the story, Hassouné also shared what he thought of the teasing note the finale ended on. Spoiler alert, but Hassouné thinks Clary might be able to get all of her memory back.

The reason? "I think - I just realized - it has to do with what Jace said about how their love is strong," he shared.

"They (Clary and Jace) are a new race - a new generation - like a prophecy kind of beings that have changed the whole course, the whole mythology. So I think that even though the Angels think they have all the power, they don't realize how different Clary and Jace are because of how they've been manipulated genetically. It's just the power of love and the power of who they are new. There's ancient history and the laws, but we're the new generation. We changed those laws, we break the limits. I think that's what it means."

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