'Shadowhunters' fans talk about their favorite moments and Malec emerges a clear winner

As fans gear up to say one last final goodbye to their favorite demon slayers we asked them to dig into their memories about what touched them the most.

                            'Shadowhunters' fans talk about their favorite moments and Malec emerges a clear winner

Despite fans' ardent efforts, sadly, Freeform's hit fantasy 'Shadowhunters' came to an end after three successful and touching long years, on Monday, May 6. With an epic additional two-hour-long finale to offer fans all the closure, they need following the abrupt cancellation of the show, the final episode will be a combined version of what are episodes 21 and 22 of this third and final season of the show. 

Over the last three years, the show has been able to garner love and adoration from fans not only because of its supernatural genre. It, in fact, was the elements of love, friendship, and acceptance that it carried in heavy amounts that had helped countless fans over the globe to find sanctuary within the comforts of the show and the fandom in general. But as fans gear up to say one last goodbye to their favorite demon slayers, vampires, and werewolves of the show, MEA World Wide caught up with a couple of them to share what has been their most favorite moment from the entire series. 

Twitter user @kathrynLapd shared with us that their "Favourite moment is, of course, the training scene with Malec," aka the phenomenal gay couple that is Magnus Bane and Alec Lightwood. "Saddest is their breaking up again this week," they added, before continuing: "One of the most touching was between Luke and Clary reuniting but that moment where (he) even said (Clary was) his daughter was like 15 seconds long. That should have been a tender moment. So for me, it's been just hard to watch because it's coming at us too fast and too painfully."



But @kathrynLapd wasn't the only one labeling Malec as the torchbearer for their favorite moment from the show, as several other fans wrote to us mentioning their ultimate favorite when it comes to moments that touched them particularly. "My favorite moment from the show (so far) is Magnus and Alec having dinner with Maryse in 3x03," shared Twitter user @writeywritey. "It was such a huge turning point for her, especially, owning her past mistakes and acknowledging the hurt she inflicted and promising to do better... and thanking Magnus, for loving Alec. The fact that they are cherished by the people around them, and that their happiness is possible, made me decide to come out after months of being terrified to. I realized I deserved to be loved for all of me too. And I got my own little happy ending, too; it went really well."

Meanwhile, the admins from the 'Shadowhunters' page account Neighbors of Idris, who go by the username @ShadowfamD made sure to drop in with their favorite moments from the show too. One of the admins, who goes by the username @r0binmon said "both Lewis sibling moments from 3x09 in the hospital and 3x18 the Halloween episode, plus in 3x03 the Maryse & Magnus hug," were their favorites. Another admin from the page, @LadyLaduga1 said 2"x15 Malec Scene 'There's nothing ugly about you'", was the one that touched them the most, while for @Alex69345600  it was the "2x19 Clace angelic bond tracking scene" that hit home the hardest. User @LuuucysView also addressed the same "2x19 Clace angelic bond tracking scene", and also made a mention of the "3x12 Clace reunion in Paris" on their list of top faves, adding in a bit of Clary Fray and Jace Herondale into the mix of top scenes that fans liked the most. 



For 'Shadowhunters' fan @multishxw, the most touching moment was the "big Malec kiss in 1x12 or when Alec is telling Magnus why he fell in love with him in 3x16. They meant a lot to me because I have shipped Malec from the start and their relationship and how they have grown through the seasons is just really special!" And continuing to beat along the march of the same glorious drums that is all praise for Malec, user @mehna0103 shared: "This is probably a lot of people's favorite moment, but it has to be Alec coming out in 1x12. Just the whole build up to it, how he was struggling all season with himself and his sexual identity, and then he finally did something for his own happiness was something that will always stick with me and inspire me to never hide who I am, especially from myself."

'Shadowhunters' returns with its last and final set of two episodes as the big two-hour long finale culminating its three-year-long journey this Monday, May 6, at 8/7c, only on Freeform.

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