Here's why 'Shadowhunters' fans are worried about Luke Garroway after season 3 episode 16

Here's why 'Shadowhunters' fans are worried about Luke Garroway after season 3 episode 16

If there's one character on 'Shadowhunters' who's really going through it, that has to be Luke Garroway. Halfway done with the second half of the third and final season 3, Luke is in a situation that nobody would have seen coming in the initial parts of the season. When the mid-season premiere aired, and as the episodes followed, we saw Luke finally accomplishing things and being recognized for his contribution the way he should have been all these years.

Not only that, but romance buds between him and Maryse Lightwood and they were couple goals right from their very first kiss. Sadly, things are much, much different now, and Luke's fans are beyond worried.

In episode 13, 'Beati Bellicosi', we found Luke's (Isaiah Mustafa) pack of werewolves engaging in a violent showdown between them and vampires. After the fight was over, he was left standing alone at the fight scene when the cops arrived, leading them to arrest him.

Luke's time in prison was kept mostly off screen, with the character shown in scenes where others from the shadowworld pay him a visit in jail, one of them being Maryse (Nicola Correia-Damude), whom we saw in episode 16, 'Stay with Me.'


Maryse comes bearing exciting news for Luke but is also met with the shock of Luke asking her to never come and visit him in jail again. The shock on Maryse's face when Luke asks her for the favor is something fans have been able to resonate with, leading them to express their disappointment and heartbreak over Luke pushing away the only woman he had a foreseeable future with. But as heartbreaking as that scene was, what awaited Luke at the end of the episode is something quite alarming.


After spending time in jail, Luke was finally able to get out, but that wasn't before the Praetor Lupus arrived to his rescue. The Praetor Lupus is an organization that rears and grooms newly turned downworlders (werewolves, vampires, warlocks etc.) who aren't aware of their powers' potential and neither have a pack to be trained under.

In the past, Luke had been a part of the organization and left active duty from them only very recently, so it was clear that they wouldn't offer their help without a deal. Taking note of this, fans rushed to Twitter to post about how risky getting involved with the Praetor Lupus was for Luke.







Sure enough, Praetor Scott, head of Praetor Lupus, offered to get Luke out of jail, but that was only after the former alpha promised to go back to serving the organization. This is a reason for concern especially since Luke has been a free alpha for the longest time. Add to that the no-break-oath people working for them have to vow to, which means Luke cannot break their contract, no matter how risky, challenging, or dangerous it gets.

Granted, there's no one better than Luke when it comes to protecting those posed by threats, but it looks like he's paying a heavy price with this decision, and that price is his own freedom.

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