'Shadowhunters' Dominic Sherwood is more than just the dark and mysterious Jace Herondale

At the end of the day, Dominic Sherwood, with his strikingly contrasting eyes, is a lot more than the sexy, blonde hunk you've seen on screen

                            'Shadowhunters' Dominic Sherwood is more than just the dark and mysterious Jace Herondale

Some might know him as the ridiculously hot actor from Taylor Swift's very famous music video for her song 'Style.' And, to others, he is the supreme demon slayer there is of his time from the Freeform fantasy series 'Shadowhunters.' But at the end of the day, Dominic Sherwood - with his strikingly contrasting eyes  - is a lot more than the sexy, blonde hunk you've seen on screen.

It might be a shocking fact to most of his fans who revel in the glory of how spectacular Sherwood is as Jace Herondale/Wyland on 'Shadowhunters,' but acting wasn't the first profession he had ventured into.

Born in Kent, U.K., the English actor did study drama and theatre; but then he did something you wouldn't expect someone pursuing the theatrical dream to do. He left to work abroad, starting in Kenya, returning to London six months later.

Dominic Sherwood attends the People's Choice Awards 2018 at Barker Hangar on November 11, 2018 in Santa Monica, California.
Dominic Sherwood attends the People's Choice Awards 2018 at Barker Hangar on November 11, 2018 in Santa Monica, California.

It was only in 2010 that he got his big acting break as Jack Simmons in the BBC teen drama, 'The Cut.' Within two years, he was acting in the drama film 'Not Fade Away' and that is significant because, all of 22, the dashing blonde made a name for himself as a young Mick Jagger on the show.

There was no looking back after that. In 2014 arrived a role for Sherwood that would go on to amplify and establish his credibility as an actor in the fantasy and supernatural genre. And, to think that it was a satirical young adult film that paved the way for our favorite Jace is a little funny.

The role happened to be that of Christian Ozera in the 2014 fantasy comedy horror film called 'Vampire Academy' based on a novel by Rachel Meade of the same name. Sadly, the film didn't take off, turning out a box office flop. But what did take off was Sherwood's career, as just a year later he was announced to have been cast as Swift's new hunk for her critically acclaimed music video. 

Soon social media blew up, questioning who the young lad with the intense, piercing eyes from the music video was. What worked for him even better was just how aptly the lyrics of the song fit him and his persona at the time.

It did manage to spark rumours about him dating Swift, but what was bigger than those rumors was his then soon-to-be-arriving project 'Billionaire Ranson' - also known as 'Take Down' - a film he starred in alongside everybody's favorite bad boy from Upper East Side, Ed Westwick.

Five years into the industry and Sherwood had already starred next to the biggest modern day pop sensation, Gossip Girl's infamous hunk Chuck Bass (Westwick), and the Peter Pan we have loved growing up - Jeremy Sumpter.

One would think this would be the highlight of any contemporary pop-culture icon, but there was more to come for Sherwood. In 2015 it was announced Sherwood would be playing the role of Jace in 'Shadowhunters' and that pretty much made everything fall into place for the young actor.

Jace happens to be one of the lead characters and is described as "the best Shadowhunter of his generation and a hero of the Mortal and Dark wars. He is currently the co-head of the New York Institute, alongside his girlfriend, Clary Fairchild."

On screen he might play the role of a tough guy, always in control of his emotions and never wearing his heart on his sleeve, owing to his strict upbringing, but turns out in real life, he's actually unbelievably charming - having wooed some of Hollywood's favorites.

Back in 2015, Sherwood met 'Modern Family' star Sarah Hyland on the sets of 'Vampire Academy' and soon they were a thing. And, by a thing, we mean lots and lots of social media confirmation of just how cute and adorable the two of them were with each other. Soon they would grow to be one of Instagram's most favourite 'It couple' with both of them documenting their relationship and taking time out of their busy schedules to post cutesy, mushy things about each other.

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Sadly, that didn't last, as the two of them split in 2017. Shortly after, Hyland sparked a romance with her current beau and 'The Bachelor' star Wells Adams, but things took a classic turnabout when Sherwood began dating British-South African model, Niamh Adkins.

Once Sherwood and Adkins made their relationship Instagram official, Adkins suddenly posted something on the website with the caption: "That look you get when you remember on May 6, 2017, 3:17pm, sitting on the couch, he got a text from another girl." Ouch, we would say, but hey, that didn't shake things up between 'Dom' and his new lady love so all was well in the end.

Sherwood has seen his own share of conspiracy when it comes to celebrity gossip - be it regarding using slurs, or getting shaded by ex-girlfriend Hyland on Instagram.

At the brink of reprising the character of Jace for the last time ever in Shadowhunters' upcoming final season, it is about the lives he has touched with his incredible portrayal of the character written by Cassandra Clare in her popular young adult novel 'The Mortal Instruments,' and fans just can't seem to have enough of him.

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