Shadowhunters' Alberto Rosende teases more Sizzy romance before season 3B wraps up

Sizzy fever has been at an all-time high ever since the ongoing season 3B premiered, and Rosende - who plays Simon - couldn't be more thrilled about what fans have coming.

                            Shadowhunters' Alberto Rosende teases more Sizzy romance before season 3B wraps up

With just two weeks to go before the epic two-hour long series finale, Freeform's hit fantasy 'Shadowhunters' is building up the action with lighthearted romance budding every now and then, to balance out the intense heartbreaks we have seen this season. One such budding romance happens to be Sizzy, that is Simon Lewis and Izzy Lightwood, where two polar opposites come together to create what has been one of the goofiest, yet cutest growing relationships where you know they are going to end up together, but the characters are just too clueless to take the next step. 

Shadowhunters 3B: Sizzy is on an all-time rise with Simon and Isabelle joining forces to destroy Mark of Cain. Source: Freeform

MEA WorldWide (MEAWW) had the chance to catch up with Alberto Rosende who plays Simon on the show, and luckily, he was able to provide some insight as to when fans can expect Sizzy to sizzle properly. "I know in tonight's episode ('The Beast Within, episode 18) I can say there was a move made by someone that was a little bit farther than we've seen Simon and Izzy go," said the actor. Those who have seen the episode that came out this Monday would already know what Rosende is teasing about, but without spoiling much, here's the deal: Simon's sister is in town and when she notices his obvious crush on Izzy, she asks him to pursue it. And Simon tries in his most Simon way, so go catch up with the latest episode now!

Continuing, Rosende also remarked that "There was that first step, so maybe there is a point where they both acknowledge that maybe something is here and it may grow." And by the looks of how things ended in episode 18, they are going to acknowledge and probably pursue it further, because hey,  we still have that highly anticipated Sizzy kissing scene from the trailer, remember? Just two episodes and the finale to go, so the two of them better buckle up and realize how perfect they are for each other, which their fans have pointed out repeatedly since the mid-season premiere of season 3B. 

'Shadowhunters' season 3B episode 13 preview: More Sizzy to come as Izzy wakes up at Simon's place Source: Freeform

Speaking of fans, Rosende also couldn't be more thrilled about all that's in store for the ardent supporters of the show - both Sizzy and otherwise. "It's bittersweet because it's over," Rosende shared with us, before quickly adding: "But we're not surprised at all that people are loving this season. We knew we were making it with every script and that people are gonna be very excited to see - the way it's coming to an end. While we're upset about that, we couldn't be happier about the way everyone's gonna see what happens."

Shadowhunters has two weeks to go before the big finale that will wrap up the three-year-long show. It returns with its episode 19 on Monday, April 22, at 8/7c only on Freeform.