'Shadowhunters' series finale spoilers reveal how Jace Herondale has grown as a shadowhunter through the three seasons

Jace keeps rising to the occasion with words of guidance, support, and comfort which - based on the pilot purely - we would have never seen coming!

                            'Shadowhunters' series finale spoilers reveal how Jace Herondale has grown as a shadowhunter through the three seasons

This contains spoilers for season 3, episode 20 'City of Glass.'

As 'Shadowhunters' arrives at the end of its three-year-long run with an epic two and a half hours long finale this coming Monday, May 6, Freeform is taking every step necessary to give the show's loyal fans all the feels by releasing short teaser clips from the upcoming episode. The latest of those clips happen to focus on the one and only Jace Herondale, and are a beautiful depiction of just why the character played by Dominic Sherwood is rightfully labeled the best shadowhunter of his times.

That Jace is a brilliant fighter and a man of his words has been established repeatedly through the course of the show's three seasons, in a story adapted from Cassandra Claire's hit novels 'The Mortal Instruments.' But even though the show digresses from the book's plot at times, there's been no doubt regarding the evolution of Jace from brooding bad-boy extraordinaire to a man who has finally opened up - a brief example of which we get to see in the two recent teasers posted by Freeform. 

Malec fans can brace for some love. Alec Lightwood  and Magnus Bane are finally getting married (Shadowhunters)

Those who have seen the last episode (number 20 'City of Glass') will know that Alec Lightwood (Matthew Daddario) and Magnus Bane (Harry Shum Jr.) are finally getting married. And as thrilled as we are for the couple and Malec fans in general, it is the parabatai bond between Alec and his adopted brother Jace that the upcoming finale will focus on, which is bound to make us ugly cry for a bit at least. One of the teaser clips for the finale shows Alec telling Jace about the good news (that is, Magnus proposed to him. Yay!) but he also informs that he will be moving out of the shadowhunters Institute into his fiance's apartment. 

As Jace receives the news, it becomes clear from the look on his face that being separated from his brother and parabatai is not something he was looking forward to. But he is not the Jace from the past who spends time brooding about people's emotions; he has seen the light ever since he fell in love with the protagonist Clary Fray (Katherine McNamara), and that has helped him see people as humans - not robots acting upon their obligations. Almost as if noticing the hesitation in Alec's tone about doing something he clearly wants to, Jace rises to the occasion to remind him that it's perfectly fine for the head of the Institute to not live on-site - something that helps Alec cope with his current dilemma better. And as he hugs Jace and tells him that they will always be right beside each other no matter what, it is almost as if the show wraps up its deeply impactful run, reminding fans that the fantasy will always be there for them. 

Jace and Clary in Shadowhunters (Source: Shadowhunters)

In another teaser from the finale, Clary can be seen torn apart over her actions from the recent past, when she was under the possession of the life-force rune that made her do some pretty terrible things alongside her evil half brother, Jonathan Morgenstern. But Jace being the mature boyfriend reminds her that she isn't the same dark Clary anymore. He reminds her that if he could come back from the evil possession of The Owl, she can too, and insists that he will be there to help her through every step of the way, never leaving her side. Of course, it's romantic, but the way Jace keeps rising to the occasion with words of guidance, support, and comfort is really touching - something that based on the pilot purely, we would have never seen coming!

'Shadowhunters' returns for the final time with its series finale on Monday, May 6, at 8/7c, only on Freeform.