'Sex/Life': Billie chooses to watch her ex Brad having sex with her best friend, here's why

'Sex/Life': Billie chooses to watch her ex Brad having sex with her best friend, here's why
Adam Demos and Sarah Shahi star in 'Sex/Life' (Netflix)

Dating a friend's ex is generally considered a no-go zone, but clearly in Netflix's 'Sex/ Life', all normal rules go out of the window. 'Sex/ Life' follows the life of Billie Mann (Sarah Shahi) whose perfect suburban mother exterior hides the deeply sexual being below. It is her hidden sexual needs and desires that even her otherwise perfect husband Cooper (Mike Vogel) isn't aware of, leading to Billie's angst in Season 1 of the Netflix show. 

We see the formerly free-spirited Billie try to reconcile herself with the watered-down version of herself that she seems to have become, post marriage and children. But clearly, there is enough of the free spirit she formerly was left in her. Not only does Billie get in touch with her ex-boyfriend Brad (Adam Demos) who is now Billie's best friend Sasha's (Margaret Odette) sex buddy, but when Brad purposely leaves his phone on when he and Sasha are having sex, Billie chooses to watch and enjoys it. If you like shows like 'Workin Moms', 'The Letdown' and 'Good Girls', you should enjoy 'Sex/Life' too.


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'Sex/Life' stars Sarah Shahi and Adam Demos (Netflix)

Billie however soon feels terrible about spying on her friend and Brad. While Brad at least knew he was being watched, Sasha didn't. Billie decides to come clean with Sasha and tell her that she actually watched her and Brad having sex. Sasha who is struggling with the guilt of her own, says she is the one who should be sorry since she had kept her sexual shenanigans with Brad a secret from Billie initially. Sasha even tells Billie that she can understand that she has become Billie's sexual avatar of sorts, to fulfill Billie's longing for Brad.

Sasha also has one more important question for Billie. She asks if her butt looked good when Billie was watching her and Brad because she wants to make sure that all the squats she's doing are worth it. This has to be perhaps the strangest reaction to being told that you were being watched during sex ever! But while Billie and Sasha's strange friendship manages to continue, in spite of being part of a rather twisted triangle, the question is will Billie be able to get a grip on her Brad obsession before her husband, the straight-laced Cooper finds out. Or at some level does Billie want to caught in her obsession with Brad so that she can have the sex and the life she has always wanted.

To find out you can catch 'Sex/Life' which premiered on Netflix on June 25.

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