'The Letdown', 'Working Moms' and 'Otherhood' take Netflix closer to its mom audience

Being a mother is a huge responsibility and Netflix is supporting 'motherhood' and taking it to the next level with relatable tales of grit.

                            'The Letdown', 'Working Moms' and 'Otherhood' take Netflix closer to its mom audience

Netflix has of late been focussing on the importance of motherhood in 'The Letdown,' and 'Working Moms,' which showcase the pangs of bringing up children as single and working mothers.  To counterbalance, an upcoming movie, set to release on August 2, focuses on motherhood after children grow up and become independent. 

'Letdown' conceptualizes motherhood as a tedious responsibility wherein a single mom tries hard to balance her life as a single mother and understand the needs of her baby with no help from family. This series is highly relatable to new mothers and largely establishes a connect to the single mom Netflix audience. Being a single mother throws up certain situations and has its disadvantages. To have a baby is a big responsibility that needs attention, love, care, and money almost simultaneously. The single-mom series takes a real-life look at the lives of moms who single-handedly take care of their babies while adjusting to their work schedules and personal identities. 

The first season of 'Working Moms' was aired in February 2019, followed by a second on July 25. 'Working Moms' is not an original Netflix series but has become so popular after its official release. The moms in this series are tough and independent and in 'relationships' with their baby partners. The moms here emphasize the strong, confident, bold women personality types who can juggle personal and official lives. The mothers here have their share of ups and downs, making it more relatable to challenges that working moms, in reality, go through routinely.

The mothers in the series are sure to broaden the perspective of the viewers as they attain things which most people deem near-impossible.  

'Otherhood' is Netflix's upcoming motherhood themed movie which will be a serenade into the lives of mothers whose children have all grown up and are beginning to forget their moms, especially on the occasion of Mother's Day. The children are so occupied and content with their lives. They feel so alone and unwanted that three friends decide to make a trip to rekindle their lost relationship with their offspring. This movie again highlights the emotional side of being a mother and how mothers feel the need to be an important part of their children's lives, no matter how old they grow. The value of a mother in a child's life is the basis of this mom-flick. 

The plot takes one through the various aspects of being a mother. Also, Netflix has tried to tackle their mom fanbase by adding a twist in each of these stories to make it more appealing, relatable, and exciting. Apparently, the Netflix notion seems to be "watching mothers can never be enough" and it seems to be working just fine.