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'Sex/Life' fans question Adam Demos' 'manhood' after his tattoo goes missing in shower scene

The goof-up was spotted while discussions over whether Demos’ sizeable package was real or a result of high-class CGI were still on among the people
Adam Demos stars as Brad in Netflix's 'Sex/Life' (Netflix, Instagram/@adam_demos)
Adam Demos stars as Brad in Netflix's 'Sex/Life' (Netflix, Instagram/@adam_demos)

Netflix’s sizzling romance-drama 'Sex/Life' has created a lot of buzz since it dropped on June 25. The drama set the internet on fire after showing a full-frontal shower scene featuring actor Adam Demos, who plays Brad, which resulted in people discussing whether his huge “manhood” was the real deal or cinematic manipulation.

Now, fans have spotted a huge editing fail, which has left them disappointed.

The new series of the online streaming giant is based on the book, ‘44 Chapters About 4 Men', written by BB Easton. The show is about a married woman, Billie (Sarah Shahi), whose “daring sexual past collides with her married-with-kids present when the bad-boy ex she can't stop fantasizing about crashes back into her life.” Brad was her former lover while she is now married to another man.


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Though initially fans were shocked to see the apparent size of Adam's penis, now they are discussing how in that scene makers forgot to show his character without a tattoo on his crotch. The racy scene showed him taking shower with his tattoo-free physique on display. But in the next episode, during a flashback, Brad is shown getting a tattoo on the upper right part of his crotch. He got himself inked with two small bees - a tribute to his then-girlfriend Billie.

Also, in one scene set eight years later, Brad was seen confessing his unending love for Billie, who is now a mother-of-two, during a FaceTime chat. During the chat, he reveals that the tattooed bees were still on his body. This goof-up was spotted while discussions over whether Demos’ sizeable package was real or a result of high-class CGI were still on among the people.

Fans of ‘Sex/Life’ took to Twitter to discuss Brad’s tatttoo as one user tweeted, “Wait anyone else realise how he doesnt have the bee tattoo in that shower scene Face with tears of joyEyes #sexlifenetflix #sexlife.” The second one said, “If Brad got a tattoo where was it in the shower scene? #sexlife @SexLifeOfficial.” The third user wrote, “They screwed up the editing there didn’t they Face with tears of joy #sexlife.”




A tweet read, “..... The bee tattoo.. Dear netflix, we need to see if the BWC is real. #sexlife.” Another one stated: “Can we talk about how In S1 Ep3 of Sex/Life where we see Brad’s schlong he doesn’t have the Bee tattoo but in S1 Ep4 he has it when he shows Billie his elephant trunk via FaceTime and the Bee tattoo is there? #SexLife #Brad #Billie.” A user shared, “Continuity mistake in #sexlife though.. in the nude frontal of Brad...where are the bees? Doesn’t he have the tattoo there? @netflix #sexlifenetflix.”




“@netflix forgot he had two b's tattoo HoneybeeHoneybee but who cares!???! finally some male nudity. #sexlife,” a tweet read and the other one joked: “#SexLife @netflix Brads shower scene was so distracting even the editors missed the fact that they forgot the bee tattoo.” “Not that I watched it more than once or even paused it but anyone else wondering where the Honeybee tattoo is during the shower scene? Even a gorgeous Eggplant can't stop me from thinking about consistency. #SexLife @netflix #NotaBodyDouble,” a person added.