Netflix 'Sex/Life' Ending Explained: Does Billie chose marriage with Cooper over affair with Brad?

'Sex/ Life' stars Sarah Shahi as Billie Mann, a housewife whose life is perfect except for her sex life

                            Netflix 'Sex/Life' Ending Explained: Does Billie chose marriage with Cooper over affair with Brad?
'Sex/Life' stars Sarah Shahi as Billie Mann (Netflix)

Spoilers Ahead

You can have it all, just not at the same time, goes the famous saying. Billie Mann (Sarah Shahi) tries to convince herself on Netflix’s new show 'Sex/Life' that this is in fact true, but she can’t shake the feeling that she wants it all. All, in her case is her handsome husband Cooper (Mike Vogel) who provides her with security, stability and a beautiful family and her sexy ex Brad (Adam Demos) who provides her with the passion she’s been missing.

So how do the men in her life fit into her 'want it all' plan? Well, Billie, who is tired of trying to create chemistry that perhaps just isn’t there with Cooper, finally goes to Brad and tells him that she’s not leaving her husband and all she wants from him is sex. Brad looks delighted to comply. This plan would work well if Cooper isn’t secretly tracking Billie. If stories about the difficulty of maintaining romance while married with small children appeals to you, then you may also want to check out shows like 'Workin Moms''Good Girls' and 'Breeders'. 


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'Sex/Life' stars Adam Demos and Sarah Shahi (Netflix)

Cooper tracking Billie isn't the only problem coming in her way of having it all. Worn down by the constant feeling of insecurity over Billie's feelings for Brad, Cooper has also been getting his sore ego massaged by his colleague Francesca (Li Jun Li). While he hasn't crossed into a sexual relationship with Francesca, once he sees that Billie is near Brad's apartment at the end of the finale episode, it seems that he is in the headspace to move on from his relationship with Billie as well. Francesca has made it more than clear that she is willing to help Brad move on from Billie. 

As for Brad, we wonder if it will be possible for him to just stay as Billie's sex buddy, considering he had even asked Billie to marry him the last time he saw her. Will he start to demand more from Billie or will Cooper in fact clear the field for Billie to play? Cooper and Brad, unknown to Billie, had even had a heart-to-heart. Well, at least as much of a heart-to-heart as two men competing for the same woman's heart can have. Cooper asked Brad to promise that if Billie ever did choose Brad, then Brad must promise to look after Billie and Billie and Cooper's two children as well.

Will that be a promise that Brad will have to keep sooner than he expected and will he be up to the task? Will Cooper leave Billie for Francesca? Will Brad be happy just having a purely sexual relationship with Billie? The answer to all these questions probably lie in Season 2. Since there is no clarity on if there is a Season 2 of 'Sex/ Life' yet, fans may have to wait longer. 'Sex/ Life' premiered on Netflix on June 25. 

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