Ex Vlog Squad member Seth Francois says David Dobrik pranked him into kissing Jason Nash without his consent

While some asked Dobrik to come forward and apologize, it seems that he lost fans after what Francois had to say

                            Ex Vlog Squad member Seth Francois says David Dobrik pranked him into kissing Jason Nash without his consent
Seth Francois (Instagram @sethfrancois) and David Dobrik (Getty Images)

Seth Francois, 26, a social media personality, spoke about his departure from The Vlog Squad and distancing from YouTuber David Dobrik, on the H3H3 podcast with Ethan and Hila Klein. Francois claimed that the well-known video that saw him kiss Jason Nash had actually taken place without his consent. Calling the incident "legitimately traumatizing", Francois spoke about his reason for leaving The Vlog Squad, saying, "A large chunk of it being related to being in the Vlog squad and being in David's content. I decided to move to Atlanta because when I was in LA, after dealing with that video with Jason. Millions of people are misconstruing about my own sexuality and how I feel about participating in something that he didn't have my consent for."

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While speaking on the podcast, Francois recounted what happened during the Nash video, saying, "It was a video where David set up with Jason Nash and Corinna (Kopf) and said that I was supposed to do a make-out scene with Corinna and he was gonna have her in an old man mask and then switched her out with Jason Nash. After Jason pulled off his mask, I realized that I was just touched by someone I did not consent to." Reports said the former Vlog Squad member also revealed that it was hard for him to talk about the experience as it constituted a case of sexual assault. You can watch Francois recounting the incident in the video below.


Twitter didn't waste time calling out David Dobrik

After Francois' allegations and revelations about what really happened behind the famous video, it seemed that Dobrik didn't quite care. One user on Twitter wrote, "And, an hour after this victim spoke out against @DavidDobrik and @jasonnash, david posted on instagram stories to promote his merch. Tone deaf. He is disgusting." Another added, "David Dobrik is literally so problematic— deleting your old clips doesn’t hide the fact you guys bullied big Nik for being crippled, saying the n-word, making racist jokes, forcing Seth to kiss Jason without his consent, etc. You of all people should know to do better."




While some asked Dobrik to come forward and apologize, it also seems that he lost fans after Francois spoke out. One user wrote, "Jason nash and david dobrik need to apologise to Seth, they sexually assaulted him and its f*cking disgusting." Another added, "ngl my opinion on david dobrik has done such a 180 especially listening to bignik and seth on the h3 podcast . he’s a fr abuser shit is wild fuck david dobrik." The latter user spoke of Nick "BigNik" Keswani because Francois's revelation comes after BigNik had called out Dobrik and the Vlog Squad for making him feel "worthless," just a week prior. Yet another user added, "I used to like David dobrik & the vlog squad but I remember how some of his sketches rly rubbed me the wrong way & I just assumed it was show business or whatever. After hearing Seth on the H3 podcast my view of him has completely changed its so heartbreaking man."






People found it hard to listen to Francois's admission on the podcast. One user wrote, "Watching the new H3 podcast and it just proves how truly awful David Dobrik is and I’m disgusted, the interview with Seth is hard to watch." Another added, "the fact i’m currently listening to seth talking about david dobrik and jason nash sexually assaulting him and people STILL defend david is disheartening."




Francois expressed his discomfort with Dobrik's content before

This was not the first time Francois expressed issues when it came to Dobrik's content. In June 2020, he also opened up about how Dobrik had "forced" him to make "racist stereotype jokes." In a video titled 'Accountability to all content creators,' Francois even apologized for his actions while he was in The Vlog Squad's videos and asked content creators to take responsibility for their actions. You can watch the video below. Under the video, Francois wrote, "I apologize for the content I was involved in, in the past. I promise to never endorse or support anything on the internet that has to do with my culture being portrayed in a negative light. I believe all of these people in these videos are genuinely good people. I hope the viewers and the content creators involved can learn something from this video."


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