Ted Cruz slammed for not using his real Hispanic name Rafael, Internet calls him 'whitewashed'

Ted Cruz slammed for not using his real Hispanic name Rafael, Internet calls him 'whitewashed'
Ted Cruz (Getty Images)

Hispanic brand Goya Foods recently faced intense backlash for their "pro-Trump" stance and the Internet proceeded to petition that people #BoycottGoya. As in every political debate, there are two sides, and the half that supported the company's stance also took to the social media channel to praise the company. One of those people included Senator Ted Cruz, who spoke of how his family had used the company's foods for years. While people ended up dragging the senator on social media, they did so on the basis of hypocrisy.

"Nothing says more about canceling Hispanic culture than @tedcruz changing his name to Ted from Raphael," tweeted a user.

"Goya is a staple of Cuban food. My grandparents ate Goya black beans twice a day for nearly 90 years. And now the Left is trying to cancel Hispanic culture and silence free speech. #BuyGoya," tweeted the Senator retweeting a post by James Woods that read, "Goya Foods CEO won't apologize in face of boycott, the backlash for pro-Trump remarks: 'Suppression of speech' // Bob Unanue sets a good example in the fight against liberal terrorism. Don’t let his voice be suppressed. Stand up against these thugs. #BuyGoya."

The senator's real name is Rafael Edward Cruz and the comments section of the Senator's tweets raged with backlash. "Funny how someone who changed their name from Rafael to Ted is inventing some conspiracy about the left trying to cancel Hispanic culture," wrote another user.

"Think about this, Ted Cruz is so 'proud' to be Hispanic that he goes out of his way to hide the fact that his real name is Rafael. He’s so full of shit," wrote one user with another one tweeting, "Rafael. stop, seriously, Goya is a Nuyorican company & you're a whitewashed Canadian Cubano who doesn't even respect his own name, so, cholo, basta, you're embarrassing yourself bro." Others simply called him out on the "blatant lies," writing, "Your grandparents didn't eat Goya for 90 yrs. Goya was founded in 1936. You speak about Hispanic culture, but hid your real name. You bullied an opponent who reached out to the Hispanic Texas culture. It's time we canceled Ted Cruz."

It seems the senator's "hypocrisy and ignorance" angered many people, with some using vulgarity to prove points and reiterate facts. "Goya is a name brand. People can boycott a brand without canceling Latino culture. Black beans are still available. PS - your wife is ugly, your dad killed JFK and your daughter hates you, and you stuck your tongue in Trump’s orange t**nt. #FactsMatter," wrote one user. Others asked hard-hitting questions, "No one wants to cancel Hispanic culture, we just want to buy our products from a company that doesn’t support people who put brown children in cages. We are boycotting a brand, not a culture. If you want to uphold your heritage, why don’t you go by your first name of Rafael?"


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