Who is Richard 'Hutch' Barry? Man MAULED to death by FIVE English bulldogs

Who is Richard 'Hutch' Barry? Man MAULED to death by FIVE English bulldogs
Selma man mauled by five english bulldogs (Credits: GoFundMe)

A man was recently killed by a pack of five English bulldogs while he was out on a walk in Selma, California. The 59-year-old Richard "Hutch" Barry was attacked at around 1 pm on Sunday, July 31, by the dogs who had escaped from a nearby house. He was mauled to death.

The attack was spotted by Teresa Barry and her husband, Ronny Barry, who is also Hutch's brother, when they were driving back home that Sunday. Teresa tried to get her brother-in-law away from the dogs but failed. She jumped out of the car as soon as she spotted the incident and grabbed a bat from a neighbor in an attempt to separate the pack of dogs. But she fell to the ground, and three of the dogs came right at her face.


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She told KSEE24 and CBS47 News, "He's just screaming, 'Help me! Help me!' These dogs are all over him, they're just biting, biting. It was a real nightmare. You could see the terror on his face." The Selma Police Department said that the officers, upon arriving at the spot at Goldridge and Balboa streets, provided first aid to Hutch until the EMTs arrived at the scene. The Animal Control Officer helped the police officers in capturing the dogs. The dogs were quarantined and were tested for rabies. The department said, "During the course of the investigation, it was discovered that the dogs escaped from a nearby residence and attacked the victim as he was walking through the neighborhood." 

The sister-in-law of the deceased victim also got a cut and a few bruises while trying to save Hutch. "We have no idea why they crossed the street and went three houses down to attack him," she said to Fox26 News. A few neighbors also stepped in for help but were unsure how to control five dogs. The whole incident was captured on camera, and the officers seemed to tase and shoot the dogs to get them under control. An eyewitness said, "It was dogs with blood." The Selma PD Chief Rudy Alcaraz said, "The dogs will be in custody until this case is adjudicated, at which time animal control will make an assessment on their viability to return home, if at all." He further added that the owner of the dogs was not at home when the attack happened and seemed shaken up by the incident. He is also cooperating in the investigation. 

Hutch's brother suffers from ALS and cannot walk, so he asks his wife to help Hutch. Teresa said, "If cops didn't show up at that moment, I might have been in the same situation as Hutch because they were just gung ho focused on harming. I’m feeling lost, confused. Feel like I failed him. And I feel like I failed my husband by not being able to rescue his brother."

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