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'Selling The OC': Kayla's inappropriate behavior towards Tyler triggers Polly

Polly frequently brings up her ex-husband and discusses how Kayla courting the married Tyler made her think of her own marriage
Polly Brindle in 'Selling The OC' (Netflix)
Polly Brindle in 'Selling The OC' (Netflix)

ORANGE CITY, CALIFORNIA: The first thing viewers discover about Polly Brindle in 'Selling The OC,' Netflix's 'Selling Sunset' spinoff, is that no one at The Oppenheim Group in Newport Beach comprehends her Northern England accent. But one thing is certain — she will not tolerate infidelity in her presence.

Polly is aware that her accent is not exactly that of the Queen because she is not from "a particularly nice area." However, at the conclusion of the first season's eight episodes, it is simple enough to comprehend what Polly is saying and why she is saying it. Particularly when it comes to her recurrent conflicts with Alexandra Jarvis and Alexandra Rose and the office drama involving Tyler Stanaland and Kayla Cardona. Although she maintains a cool demeanor for the majority of the scenes, there were a few moments when she disclosed painful memories from her past and how it continues to affect her present.


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A still from 'Selling The OC' (Netflix)
A still from 'Selling The OC' (Netflix)

In Season 1, Polly refers to her ex-husband frequently, but not by name. She claimed to Bustle, that she didn't take his name not because she was concealing a well-known person like a soccer player or trying to pull a Justin Hartley or Chrishell Stause on us. Really, it's only because he's "a nobody," she finished with a laugh, "literally." She traveled to California with her ex, stopping first in Los Angeles, and they were together for six years. They moved to California to live "the dream," have "beach babies," and do "all of that," according to her. “I met him when I was 21, we got married when I was 24,” she claims. Polly then responds, "He really f*cked up," implying that she will not answer any further inquiries about why they split. He was also European, but because she had the visa for their transfer here, he had to return home and is now unable to enter the nation at all, according to her. She continues by saying she is not sorry.“If you f*ck me over, I will [walk away] because I know my worth, and I'm not prepared to let people disrespect me or walk over me,” she remarked. Both her personal and professional relationships fall under this rubric of standards.

Polly's reaction to Kayla 'attempting' to kiss Tyler

A still from 'Selling The OC' (Netflix)
A still from 'Selling The OC' (Netflix)

One of several newcomers to the ensemble is former pro surfer Tyler Stanaland, who comes from a long history of successful real estate brokers. In addition, he is Brittany Snow's spouse. The couple got married in 2019, two years after they first met. And from what we can see, they enjoy their relationship a lot. However, after a wild night out, a couple of agents meet together for brunch in Episode 5. And we swiftly discover through their conversation that Kayla Cardona, who isn't on the scene, might have attempted to shoot her shot with Tyler while intoxicated.

Agent Polly Brindle was particularly enraged by Kayla's behavior because her marriage tragically ended when her husband had an extramarital affair. "After a few drinks, she, you know, like tries to make out with the married men in the office," Polly revealed to her coworkers. "She, like, genuinely tried to kiss me," Tyler confirmed. The almost-kiss was not recorded on camera, but according to their conversation, Kayla tried to kiss Tyler not once, but twice. Both times, she was unsuccessful.

Seeing the situation unfold around her seemed to irk Polly, who didn't appreciate seeing Kayla play the 'other woman' in the relationship. Even though Kayla sought to clear the air between them, Polly stood firm and didn't back down from calling Kayla out  for her actions. However, at the end of the season, viewers witness Kayla having a civil conversation about her listing, implying that they may have buried the hatch. Despite her involvement in the infighting, Polly told Bustle that she doesn't have any major issues with the rest of the cast. “I do love our dynamic as a friend group,” she adds, referring to Brandi Marshall, Tyler Stanaland, and Alex Hall, who still meet after work for drinks and meals in the OC.

Polly admits that she is no longer close to Kayla because of the filming. “Everyone supports each other. It's not that me and Kayla aren’t friends; it's just that we have very little in common,” she explains. Polly adds, in a somewhat snarky tone of voice, that she and Kayla are just not on the same level. “She has had a very different life from me. She was born and raised here [in the OC], so for me, it's very difficult to try and find common ground,” Polly explains. Polly moved from the north of England to pursue a successful modeling career as a teenager, but not before working at an architecture company, bartending, operating a restaurant, and doing other odd jobs. Having seen so much in life and been through a terrible marriage due to her ex's infidelity, it is natural that she has tried to distance herself from the Tyler-and-Kayla scenario.

'Selling The OC' is now available on Netflix to stream