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'Selling The OC': Fans are in love with the 'office bullies' at the Oppenheim Group

A fan wrote, 'Loving that Rose and Jarvis were set up as villains on Selling The OC but they ended up clearing the other girls'
Alexandra Jarvis and Alexandra Rose in 'Selling The OC' (Netflix)
Alexandra Jarvis and Alexandra Rose in 'Selling The OC' (Netflix)

ORANGE CITY, CALIFORNIA: There's no holding back on glam, theatrics, or cattiness in this Adam DiVello reality production, with Netflix's 'Selling the OC' playing up to every expectation as the second 'Selling Sunset' offshoot. But neither the viewers nor the creators expected to fall in love with the agents cast as the show's villains.

The series follows a group of strong-willed Oppenheim Group realtors as they traverse personal and professional situations, as well as a lot of inner-brokerage politics. Alexandra Jarvis and Alexandra Rose (two of the three Alexandras), who were undoubtedly close, were among them. By the end of the first eight episodes of 'Selling The OC,' the two blonde besties are the cast members with the most foes. Outside the workplace, however, their popularity remains unaffected, and fans are defending them left and right, with most praising them for simply doing their job.


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Alexandra Rose and Alexandra Jarvis in 'Selling The OC' (Netflix)
Alexandra Rose and Alexandra Jarvis in 'Selling The OC' (Netflix)

Before we get into this contentious new combo, we must accept that there is only one Christine Quinn in the universe. Rose and Jarvis are neither as tough nor as menacing as the 'Selling Sunset' star — yet. But, like Quinn, they believe they are better than their coworkers, they are daring fashionistas, they aren't seeking to make friends at work, and they are the source of major tension in the season. A few minutes into 'Selling The OC,' one of the show's stars, Brandi Marshall, expresses a common worry about working for a brokerage: “One thing I’ve noticed since I’ve been at The Oppenheim Group is it comes with its own brand of office politics.” Alexandra Jarvis and Alexandra Rose emerge on screen side by side with blonde hair, heels, and stern attitudes as the realtors introduce themselves. Rose believes that "two Alexandras are better than one." “There’s no better team than she and I,” Jarvis promises her prospective client. “Two for the price of one.”

While the how and why are never completely explained, Jarvis and Rose are a real estate duo that do everything from door knocking to showing and selling property together. In a voiceover, Jarvis (also an attorney) adds, "Rose and I are the top-producing female agents in the office. I’m not sure of any other female in the office who even has a listing over ten million so we run circles around them. We’re really unstoppable.” Jarvis and Rose are clearly the Orange County queens, and everyone is envious of them from the start. “They’re swimming in the kiddie pool, and we’re taking laps in the ocean,” Jarvis remarks at one point. Their coworkers, though, disagree.

One colleague describes Jarvis as "the worst person in the fu*king world." Another employee describes the two Alexandras as having “weird, awkward energy” around the office. Kayla also has a serious issue with Rose. Their feud occurred before the shooting began, so it's difficult to follow the plot, but Kayla alleges Rose was "talking sh*t about everyone" in the workplace, including Jarvis, so she contacted Jason and said, "Either you say something or I will." Jason challenged Rose, who insulted Kayla, and now all hell has broken loose in the office.

Rose and Jarvis, like Quinn, aren't seen much at the workplace, but they're still a big topic of conversation, and when they do come on screen, they leave an impact. Following a much-anticipated brawl at Gio's casino night, practically everyone in the workplace turns against the two and says they're bullies. When Rose opens up about her traumatic childhood to Jarvis, Gio, and his mother in a later episode, it's impossible not to feel for her and question whether all the hate is merely the product of bad communication. If it is, we won't know until next season.

A still from 'Selling The OC' (Netflix)
A still from 'Selling The OC' (Netflix)

The workplace celebrates their recent accomplishment with a yacht party in the finale, and once the squad reaches the water, the claws emerge. Tyler, one of the office's quietest, least theatrical employees, steps in and puts the Alexandras in their place when Jarvis and Rose approach the group and call them out for being hypocrites. “You’re coming to the table with an agenda to start sh*t,” he adds before labeling them as bullies. “You can only burn so many bridges until there’s nothing left to cross.” If Tyler is speaking up, you can bet the environment is unhealthy. Sadly for the rest of the office, the season concludes with Rose and Jarvis selling their $20 million listing and ringing the bell. Everyone is wincing, but the Alexandras are definitely not going away.

Alexandra Jarvis and Alexandra Rose ring the bell after $20million listing in 'Selling The OC' (Netflix)
Alexandra Jarvis and Alexandra Rose ring the bell after $20M listing in 'Selling The OC' (Netflix)

Even though the show may have tried to project the two Alexandras as the new villain, it surely hasn't worked with the fans who feel they're, in fact, the least problematic out of the lot. A fan tweeted, "Loving that Rose and Jarvis were set up as villains on Selling The OC but they ended up clearing the other girls." Questioning why they are being called bullies, another fan wrote, "In Selling the Oc Rose and Jarvis (the only 2 blonds) are accused of being bullies but I don’t understand where is that from I didn’t hear Rose’s voice before episode 7." Someone else chimed in, "I feel like i'm missing something on selling the OC because i really like rose and jarvis." Calling out the rest of the cast for their jealousy, another tweeted, "Just binged watched Selling the OC & wtf…. Jarvis & Rose didn’t do anything lol just worked and were polite but everyone got mad at them for no reason? Talk about jealousy."





In the end, fans are pretty impressed with the duo. A tweet read, "Finished watching Selling the OC -Brandi is all in the drama when she says she doesn’t like drama, ok homegirl -Hall being the toxic and bully while calling others toxic and bullies -Jarvis and Rose team for sure. Who else sold a $20 million house ?" Wanting to learn the backstory, a fan tweeted, "*after watching selling the oc fully* I’m team rose & jarvis, don’t know what both Alexandras did to receive the amount of hate from the others." Another tweet read, "Binged all of selling the oc and ended up only liking Rose and Jarvis." Shocked to see Kayla turn on the Alexandras, a fan wrote, "Literally what have rose and Jarvis done to deserve this attitude from everyone else…? most of these gals on selling the oc are such trash!!! also Kayla turning on them when they’re the only ones that have tried to be nice to her I hate everyone except the boys and Alex x 2."





'Selling The OC' is now available on Netflix to stream.

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