'Selling Sunset': Fans furious after Tarek El Moussa disses Christine Quinn

Tarek literally couldn't be calmed down as he went on about how Christine treats everybody like s**t, and that this is called karma

                            'Selling Sunset': Fans furious after Tarek El Moussa disses Christine Quinn
Christine Quinn, Heather Rae El Moussa and Tarek El Moussa from 'Selling Sunset' (Instagram - @thechristinequinn, @heatherraeyoung)

Although Netflix isn't usually big on reality TV content, we see a couple of new shows getting renewed and one of them is the famous 'Selling Sunset', which is currently in its 4th season.  

Tarek El Moussa, the husband to Heather Rae Young, went all out on a rampant rant against Christine Quin, something that viewers witnessed on the season four finale of 'Selling Sunset'.  Having said that, quite a few fans have taken this action to heart with the star's comments.


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Season 4 of the Netflix series had the most action-filled sequences, compared to the previous seasons. Unfortunately, Christine Quinn has been the center of conflicts throughout the four seasons and has clearly gotten under the skin of her coworkers Heather Rae Young, Chrishell Stause, and Mary Fitzgerald. During the final leg of season four, however, Heather’s husband, Tarek reached his wit's end and put Christine in her place, on live camera.  

To start off, Christine showed up late with her husband, Christian Richard, to their boss, Jason Oppenheim’s party. Shortly after, she joined the rest of the girls including Heather, Chrishell, Davina Potratz, Mary, Maya Vander, and the newbies of Season 4; Vanessa Villela and Emma Hernan. To clear the air, everyone joked about Christine showing up late, before hinting at addressing the elephant in the room. 

It's a known fact that Christine has pretty much messed up her relationships with the rest of the agents at the Oppenheim Group, and all of them have tolerated enough and more of her antics; probably beyond their breaking point. Even still, the girls planned an intervention to give Christine one last chance at Jason's party.



Well before anyone began to address the issue of reconciling, Christine stood up and stormed out of the house. Nobody followed her save for Tarek, and she outright told the girls that they could talk to her privately if they wanted to. Before she left, Tarek was pretty vocal about how her behavior towards Heather and tiff affected the latter, making it known that Christine showed up at the party a solid 3 hours late.

When Christine asked Heather if she wanted to have a private chat with her, both she and Tarek ignored Christine, took off their microphones, and started ranting right outside Jason's house. 

Tarek literally couldn't be calmed down as he went on about how Christine treats everybody like s**t, and that this is called karma. 



The irony here is that Christine is the least bothered and completely unfazed by this whole thing. She literally acts as nothing happened and that her actions or behavior doesn't impact anyone else when in reality, it does. Tarek tells Heather that her actions serve as an excuse since she's embarrassed by the way she's been behaving. Basically, it's an endless cycle. He also adds that Christine knows deep down that she's in the wrong but isn't coming clean for taking accountability for her actions anyway. Christine has a habit of saying terrible things about people behind their backs so it goes without saying that such situations will have their consequences. 

One fan said, "Christine Quinn needs to leave the show and get a spin off. She's too good for these nasty girls trying to dim her shine. At the same time, she needs a lesson on how to be humble. That chat she and Christian had while out for a stroll with their kid was disgusting #SellingSunset", while another said, "Can we talk about my hate for Christine #SellingSunset".

One fan said, "@netflix this Christine drama is taking up too much time #SellingSunset let’s move on please", while another said, "Christine loves being the center of attention that she will create a lie just to get sympathy from people, and her lies never fact-check? #SellingSunset". One fan said, "Watching Christine use her new born surrogate baby as an excuse to get out of every confrontation is actually nauseating. No, you didn’t have a c-section, you didn’t almost die and your baby isn’t sick. Lying on that kinda s**t is messed up #SellingSunset".











All four seasons of 'Selling Sunset' are available to stream on Netflix. 

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