EXCLUSIVE | Is 'Selling Sunset' getting a franchise? Mary Fitzgerald teases major Season 4 cast shake-ups and more

"I've never been busier, and O Group is expanding to Orange County which is super exciting," Mary confirmed

                            EXCLUSIVE | Is 'Selling Sunset' getting a franchise? Mary Fitzgerald teases major Season 4 cast shake-ups and more
Mary Fitzgerald from 'Selling Sunset' (Netflix)

Netflix has been betting big on reality television and it has worked wonders for them so far. With 'Selling Sunset', the streaming giant has experimented with a rare sub-genre that not only offers insights into the workings of the real estate industry but also gives the viewer a clear idea of what it takes to get the job done.

Last month the streaming service announced that it has renewed the hit series for two more seasons. Even so, there's been a lot of fogginess surrounding 'Selling Sunset' in terms of cast and release dates. Mary Fitzgerald, in an interview with MEAWW, has cleared some doubts and more. Read on!


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'Selling Sunset' is one of the best examples of a 'fly on the wall' reality docu-series. How tough or easy would you say it was? Because at various points throughout the series, it seemed the conversations were natural and flowing, which also made it interesting. How did all of you achieve that and in such perfect balance?

Mary: I still cannot believe that I am on a reality show! Three seasons in and it still feels surreal. When we began filming the first season, it was definitely weird being mic'd up and having cameras all around. But, as time goes by, you start to feel way more comfortable. I almost don't even notice them anymore.

What can fans expect from Season 4? You have been selling houses and at the same time, moved ahead in your marriage, Christine Quinn is expecting a baby, Chrishell Stause has had some major life updates. What would you say the viewers can look forward to?

So much! I'm honestly so excited to see what comes out of it, especially since we all have so much going on personally and career-wise. I've never been busier, and O Group is expanding to Orange County which is super exciting!

You and your husband Romain share an age gap. How do you deal with that and has it ever come in the way of your marriage?

The age difference between Romain and I has never come in the way of our marriage. Our love grows for each other every single day and he is truly the love of my life!

You and Romain have been married for three years now. How has the journey been so far and how do you think the pandemic has impacted you as a couple? Is pregnancy on the cards?

A baby is maybe in the cards eventually but just not right now. We have been slammed ever since COVID began. I feel like I hardly get to see Romain because of how busy we both are. Once our lives slow down, whenever that might be, maybe we can think about babies then. 



Ladies at the Oppenheim Group thought that because you dated Jason at some point, you'd end up getting more listings. That seems to be the consensus online as well. What's your position on it?

Jason and I will always be best friends. When it comes to real estate, we make a great team. We both work day and night to get stuff done! To the girls, it may seem like I get more listings, but I am truly working round the clock when it comes to the real estate world. 

How does Romain deal with you working with your ex Jason? Has there ever been a moment of insecurity between the two of you where you had to explain yourself for having a smooth, friendly relationship with someone from your past?

I am so thankful that we are all so close! Romain and Jason are practically like brothers. 

Davina has moved on from the Oppenheim Group. Would you say one can expect more exits or new arrivals?  

I'm not sure what Davina's status is at The Oppenheim Group. I know she left to work for another brokerage, but I also believe based on Netflix's cast announcement that she will be part of Season 4. She and I haven't had much communication with each other, so I'm unsure how that all will work. I think other members of the team will likely be incorporated and shown to some degree, but how much I'm not sure. 

Heather Rae Young has been dating Tarik El Moussa for some time now and we know they are serious. Over the seasons, partners have made appearances, which brings us to the question: Did Tarik film for Season 4? 

No idea. We haven't started filming season 4 yet! Hopefully soon. 

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