'Selling Sunset': Jason slammed for 'misogyny' after labeling Christine as 'toxic'

Christine often comes across as the villain in the series, but fans think it's Jason instead

                            'Selling Sunset': Jason slammed for 'misogyny' after labeling Christine as 'toxic'
Jason Oppenheim and Christine Quinn on 'Selling Sunset' (Netflix)

When it comes to 'Selling Sunset' all everyone can only seem to talk about is Christine Quinn -- the show might as well be renamed to "The Christine Show". Even though the star gave the reunion episode a miss, she was still the hottest topic, as always.

Love her or hate her, it isn't a season of 'Selling Sunset' without the cast discussing all things Christine. One of the biggest plotlines this season was the girls ganging up on Christine during her open house with Chelsea. While Chelsea noted that it came off as bullying, Christine continued the narrative that no one contacted her after the incident. 

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Maya, Davina and Vanessa cleared the air that they had, in fact, texted her, pointing out that Christine had lied about it to Chelsea. Chelsea, however, noted that she didn't take what Christine said at face value, acknowledging that it was her side of the story and not the whole story. As the conversation continued, fans couldn't help but notice that the reunion itself was incomplete without her.

"There was absolutely no point of the #sellingsunsetreunion if Christine didn't come she be doing ALOT of talking in her interview on playbacks but never really say shit to these peoples faces this was her time #SellingSunset #sellingsunsets5" tweeted a fan. "The most interesting moments in the reunion is when they talk about Christine…  #SellingSunset" added a fan. "I'm pissed at Christine for not coming to the reunion and letting Chrishell her enemy come as best dressed." added a fan. "Selling sunset without Christine is soooo underwhelming" said another. "A Selling Sunset reunion without Christine?! When she was the stirring pot of the season?! Well that's whack #SellingSunset" tweeted another.











The group also addressed the whole 'bribe' incident, with Emma claiming that Christine tried to pay off her clients to not work with her while Christine denied it. The incident was enough to have Jason and Brett confirm that there "was not a place for her at The Oppenheim Group", primarily because they hadn't addressed the issue since. Fans, however, called out Jason for branding her as unprofessional, as they deemed his own actions weren't far off. "Jason f*cks the girls in his office BUT Christine's the toxic one???? Hmmm. It's the misogyny for me." tweeted a fan. "The real villain of SS is Jason. Sleeping with his staff & suggesting that *his* actions aren't the problem but Christine's are? What moral high ground is he on when he f*cks his staff & the of his REALITY T.V. Show creates the drama to PAY HIS BILLS!? #SellingSunset" added another. "Netflix is definitely canceling SS without Christine. Jason overplayed his hand saying she doesn't have a place @ the O group. You decided to have a reality T.V. Show & now want to be professional?? #SellingSunset" said another. 







You can stream all five seasons of 'Selling Sunset' on Netflix.

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